Cullen and Fagan: the Record Breakers!!

Cullen and Fagan: the Record Breakers!!

As any runner or ex-runner over the age of 40 will tell you, distance running is in the doldrums in Ireland having fallen spectacularly from the peaks of the early 80’s. Listening to this and looking at the stats which back it up, you’d think that irish records are here to stay, or at least won’t be beaten in this “fun-running” generation.

Well luckily we have a very exciting crop of young stars at the top of Irish running that are intent on making their own stamp on history. Last month our European bronze medallist Mary Cullen beat the indoor 3k record of the great Sonia O’Sullivan – the video below is well worth a look – you can see the close support and encouragement she got from her “rabbit”, fellow distance supremo Roisin McGettigan. Click read more for more and videos!

In the second race which happened just yesterday we see Martin Fagan finally eclipse John Treacy’s long-standing amazing 1/2 Marathon record. Martin just edged John’s record by 3 seconds finishing 5th having hung on to the coat tails of some of the top Africans in the world including the great Gebresalaisse.

Update: Thornton in the mix as well

I didn’t realise this last night, but Galway’s own Gary Thornton was also in this race, mixing it up with the very strong field to score what I believe is a PB or under 65 minutes, finishing in 14th position.

Leading Results –

 1. Sammy Kitwara, Ken          59:47 (splits: 14:12-28:34-42:41-56:48) PB
 2. Haile Gebrselassie, Eth     59:50
 3. Dereje Tesfaye, Eth       1:00:02 PB
 4. Getu Feleke, Eth          1:00:36 PB
  5. Martin Fagan, Irl         1:00:57 PB
  6. Phillimon Terer, Ken      1:01:25 PB
 7. Gilbert Okari, Ken        1:01:26 PB
 8. Gilbert Chepkwony, Ken    1:02:36 PB
 9. Patrick Stitzinger, Ned   1:02:43 PB (national champion)
10. Simon Bairu, Can          1:03:10 PB
11. Erick Kigen, Ken          1:04:09 PB
12. Daaby Badhaso, Eth        1:04:14
13. Paul Lekura, Ken          1:04:41
14. Gary Thornton, Irl        1:04:42
15. Oystein Sylta, Nor        1:04:43 PB

 1. Pauline Wangui, Ken         1:10:50 (splits: 16:42-33:30-50:25-1:07:12)
 2. Catherine Ndereba, Ken      1:11:35
 3. Ilse Pol, Ned               1:14:40 (national champion)
 4. Christina Bus Holth, Nor    1:15:38 PB
 5. Inge de Jong, Ned           1:16:12 PB
 6. Saskia van Vugt, Ned        1:16:12 (correct)

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