Dates for Secondary Schools Multi Events

Dates for Secondary Schools Multi Events

Athletics Ireland has announced the dates of the secondary schools multi-events on their website at:-

The relevant dates for our athletes are as follows:-

·         Connacht Schools – Tuesday 18th September, Dangan Track, Galway, 11am

·         Irish Schools – Saturday 29th September, Morton Stadium, Santry, 10am

Any athlete interested in taking part needs to contact their teacher who is in charge of athletics in the school in order to be entered. Please do this as soon as possible so as not to miss the closing date.

Our athletes have had great success in this event over the years with many medallists at Connacht level and 2 athletes making the Irish international team (Cathriona Farrell and Maria McNamara). Read on for details of medallists at Connacht level since 2006.

Senior GirlsPointsHJLJSP (4kg)100mh800m
20111 Katie O'Donoghue22841.454.377.5718.42.44.2
20091 Rachel Finnegan 
2 Sophie Ralston
Intermediate GirlsPointsHJLJSP (4kg)80mh800m
20111 Maria McNamara28421.604.907.7012.82.47.4
2 Sineád Gaffney22731.354.445.7514.82.33.6
3 Jessica Heneghan19181.453.914.9815.82.51.9
20092 Ashley McDonnell
20082 Rachel Finnegan 
3 Sophie Ralston
20071 Cathriona Farrell2656
Junior GirlsPointsHJLJSP (3.25kg)75mh800m
20112 Ellen Fitzpatrick19361.453.906.4515.63.01.1
3 Ciara Greene16681.203.614.9715.92.44.6
20101 Maria McNamara25241.454.857.7413.22.45.9
2 Sinead Gaffney23961.354.405.9913.32.36.2
3 Ella Bryan20891.354.057.7112.53.06.8
20092 Maria McNamara
20082 Ashley McDonnell
3 Katie O'Donoghue
20072 Ashley McDonnell2153
3 Sophie Ralston1789
20061 Cathriona Farrell26241.654.507.0412.72.50.0
2 Rachel Finnegan21311.304.254.8113.32.36.0
Minor GirlsPointsHJLJSP (3.25kg)75mh800m
20113 Tara McNally17534.146.7212.32.50.8
20101 Sinead Treacy14714.175.2914.82.47.2
3 Ciara Greene12613.674.4015.12.40.8
20091 Sinead Gaffney
3 Jessica Heneghan
20082 Maria McNamara
20071 Orla Ryan1206
2 Debi Kenny1144
3 Katie O'Donoghue1120
20061 Ashley McDonnell16703.946.1113.72.38.0
2 Sarah Helebert16554.225.5613.12.47.0
3 Sophie Ralston15964.166.0613.72.49.0
Junior BoysPointsHJLJSP (4kg)80mh800m
20113 Damien O’Boyle23551.504.588.4714.32.20.9
20083 Niall Rooney
Minor BoysPointsHJLJSP (3.25kg)75mh800m
20101 Damien O’Boyle14954.238.0613.52.26.9
20072 Niall Rooney1608
3 Paul McGill1585
20063 Tomas Keehan15624.595.8214.72.38.0
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