Details on Connacht and National Juvenile Indoor Track and Field

Details on Connacht and National Juvenile Indoor Track and Field

Just a quick reminder to all juvenile athletes in age groups U12 to U19, that the Connacht Indoor track and field is on Saturday 15th March in Nenagh. I don't have the detailed program yet, but will make it available here as soon as I have it. It will be an early start and a long day so come prepared!

We will organise a bus if there is sufficient demand – please email me if interested. I will be submitting the entries before the end of the month, so coaches will be getting details from athletes of their preferred events over the next week.

Athletes can be entered in 3 individual events and a relay. Not all athletes will be on a relay team. Also not all athletes will be doing 3 events – at Connacht level athletes should only do events that they are reasonably good at. If they have 3 good/reasonable events, do them all. If 2 good/reasonable events, do both of them. If 1 good or reasonable event, just do that one and give it a bit more attention at training sessions – there will be plenty of opportunity to train for and become good at several events in training, but you only put yourself under pressure for the Connachts if trying to do too much.

Only 5mm spikes are allowed in all events, including high jump.

For high jump, the bar opens at the following heights in each age group. We can only enter athletes who have jumped the opening height in training. In the Connachts, the bar starts at this height and if an athlete cannot clear it, it only serves to destroy their confidence. Better to work on it in training and try it when older than try it now and lose confidence.

Girls  12 start at 1.05m  
Girls  13 start at 1.10m   
Girls  14 start at 1.15m
Girls  15 start at 1.20m
Girls  16 start at 1.25m
Girls  17 start at 1.30m
Girls  18 start at 1.35m
Girls  19 start at 1.35m  

Boys  12 start at 1.15m   
Boys  13 start at 1.20m     
Boys  14 start at 1.30m
Boys  15 start at 1.30m
Boys  16 start at 1.40m
Boys  17 start at 1.40m
Boys  18 start at 1.50m
Boys  19 start at 1.55m

For long jump, there is not a set standard but due to the large numbers that take part in the Connachts in the U12 and 13 age groups, only those jumps that exceed a certain standard are measured in order to speed up the competition. This is no reflection on athletes ability – just a practical way of running those 4 long jump events which may have upwards of 50 children competing. For those not reaching the standard, they can still participate and will have other opportunities to get measured PBs. The standards are 3.30m for U12s and 3.50m for U13s.

Only the first 3 in each event in the Connacht finals will quiaify for the National finals. The National finals are spread over 4 days as follows. Have a read of it because it may influence your choice of events for the Connachts if you expect to qualify and are not available for the day of the National finals.

5th AprilU12 to 19 60m heats & finalsU12 & U13 long jump
 U12 & 13 600m heatsU18 & U19 triple jump
 U18 & U19 300/400m heats & finalsU12, U13 & U18 shot putt
 U16 to U19 1500m heatsU12, U13 & U14 high jump
6th AprilU12 & 13 600m finalsU14, U15, U16 long jump
 U13 to U19 hurdles heats & finalsU14, U15 & U16 shot putt
 U16 to U19 1500m finalsU15 & U16 high jump
12th AprilU16 to U19 200m heats & finalsU17, U18 & U19 long jump
 U14 to U19 800m heats & finalsU17, U18 & U19 high jump
 U14 to U19 WalksU17 & U19 shot putt
13th Aprilam: U13, U15, U17, U19 relays 
 pm: U12, U14, U16, U18 relays 
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