Easing Back Into Training!

Easing Back Into Training!

Monday evening saw the return to training in groups larger than 4 athletes for some of our older age groups.

The U16s trained at 5.30pm in 2 seperate groups of 12 and 13 athletes, with the groups remaining seperate and under the direction of different coaches at different ends of the track in order to comply with the Phase 2 rules. And later that day at 8pm, our U20/23s group trained with 11 athletes in the group.

It was super to see a return to training in this size of group and ‘a breath of fresh air’ for everyone.

The lined track and cones makes it very easy to maintain social distancing and the grass areas are in great order which gives plenty of space to train safely. Thanks again to the local FAS scheme and GRD’s Mary Feeney for the track relining and general maintenance of the grounds and to Mike O’Brien for maintenance of the grass in great condition.

We will learn from resuming with the older groups how to structure things safely for when we resume with the younger groups – hopefully later in the summer when permitted. We likely will have to make some minor adjustments to training times or training days so that only 1 group at the track at the same time so that its easy to do the social distancing.

U16s back at training


 U20/23s back at training


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