Excitement Mounts for Guinness World Record

Excitement Mounts for Guinness World Record

With just 2 weeks to go now to our Guinness World Record Relay attempt, it’s time to mobilise the troops into action from all the families in the club. This is our big opportunity to raise a decent amount of funds for our new facilities. We are asking all families to get behind the event and the fund-raising. 

Tracy and Frances are doing a fantastic job on organising the logistics of the day and the associated Mental and Physical Health Awareness side of the day. Click on the attached flyer for more information.

We now need to get the timeslots filled up so that we can break the world record. We have set up an online booking mechanism to help with this – please use the link below to book your place in 1 of the slots. Booking is free.


Remember it’s your facility – if we can raise these funds along with a matching sports capital grant, we get additional car-parking, additional flood lighting, tartan sprint lanes, decent grass running facilities etc. Think about it – if the facilities save you one trip to Athlone or Dangan during the year, what has that saved you in petrol and time. The likelihood is that it will save you multiple such trips.

And we need to hit the road bigtime on the fund-raising trail. Prior to the summer, most families will have received sponsorship cards from their coaches and hopefully have been busy raising sponsorship in the meantime. We want to plan a coordinated door-to-door collection on the weekend before the relay attempt, i.e. on Friday 18th and Saturday 19th September for a couple of hours.

We have subdivided our membership areas and are appointing coordinators in each area. A coordinator will be in touch with you to enlist your help in covering your area. It will only take a couple of hours of your time driving children around the area and ensuring their safety as they go door-to-door selling sponsorship lines.

This is a team effort – we need everyone on board. So please get behind it. When your coordinator emails or texts you, please respond favourably. Without everyone’s cooperation the fund-raising will only be a limited success. We need you. And you need these facilities. So hopefully we can all pull together to get this done! Thank you!!

The areas are marked out below, click on the image to see a larger version.


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