Exciting times – track construction begins!

Exciting times – track construction begins!

The club is about to enter a very exciting time with the construction of its 400m track this summer. Work will be starting on 17th May and its hoped that it will be completed within 8 weeks.

The club has the funds in place to get it to a kerbed level ready for tarmacadem. But the tarmacadem layer can only go ahead if we can raise approx 50k in donations and loans from parents and members.

Loans are the fastest way of raising money quickly. And we have also recently just got our project approved by the Department of Sport for tax relief on personal donations which makes donations very attractive if you are a tax payer at the higher rate as we can claim two-thirds of what you donate back from the Revenue at the end of the year. e.g. if you donate €300, we can claim an additional €200 back from the Revenue early next year which will help us repay loans.

Please see the attached document for full details on the project and loans at 5% interest and the donations situation. It might not be your way of viewing it, but you are actually saving yourself money by loaning it to us!

The club are very grateful to Craughwell GAA for agreeing to the transfer of a small area of land at a pinch-point along the boundary with the GAA grounds – which gives us sufficient space for a 6-lane track. The club are also very grateful to a number of people who are doing work on the project free of charge, including Ciara Lennon Solicitors who is doing the legal work for the land transfer, Kieran Quinn of Sean Dockry & Associates who has done all the plans / design work / tendering process, and Ignatius Greaney & Associates who are providing engineering services for the project.

Please let Mike Tobin know in confidence at 087 6591879 if you are considering a loan or donation and he will provide full financial details on the project and the club’s finances.

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