Fantastic Day for U8-12s in Dangan

Fantastic Day for U8-12s in Dangan

U9 Boys Relays Sweep the Boards!

Last week culminated with one of the highlights of the athletics year for our younger athletes – the Galway U8-12 Track & Field Championships in Dangan, Galway. With over 180 athletes taking part from the club, to say it was a busy day for our coaches and athletes is a massive understatement.

The club had loads of success throughout the day, medalling in most events and everyone having a good time in the pleasant weather conditions. A big well done to the organising team led by GCH’s Ger Nally and John Kilmartin – with over 500 athletes competing across dozens of events over 7 hours, its a hard one to organise without any hiccups and the day went extraordinarily well for the most part. And thank you to all the parents from our own club who gave up several hours during the day to help as officials – without you this event could not take place.

Full results of the day are as follows:-

Firstly the many podium finishers from Craughwell AC! But whether you finished on the podium or not, all our participants should be immensely proud of competing to the best of their ability. Participation and doing your best is the important thing – a medal is just a nice bonus.

U12 Girls 60m Hurdles 1 Katie Scully; High Jump 2 Aoibhe Carr, 3 Jade Moorhead/Katie Scully; Long Jump 1 Katie Scully; Shot Putt 1 Shauna Donoghue, 2 Rosemary Maduka; Turbo Javelin 1 Aoibhe Fahy, 3 Megan Gilligan; 4x100m 2 Craughwell AC (Aoibhe Carr, Jade Moorhead, Fauve Aylmer, Katie Scully).

U12 Boys 60m Hurdles 1 Evan Hallinan, 2 Cian Lavan; 600m 3 Daniel Galvin; High Jump 1 Evan Hallinan, 3 Cian Lavan; Long Jump 2 Evan Hallinan; Shot Putt 3 Calvin Ryan; Turbo Javelin 1 Michael Woods, 2 Daire Crowe; 4x100m 2 Craughwell AC (Evan Hallinan, Daniel Galvin, Fiachra Bond, Cian Lavan, Cathal Sweeney).

U11 Girls 60m 3 Grace Lynch/Aoibhe Donnellan; 600m 3 Chloe Hallinan/Aisling Whyte; Long Jump 1 Chloe Hallinan/Siobhan Carr, 2 Grace Keaveney/Isabella Boland, 3 Grace Lynch/Isabelle Fitzgerald; Turbo Javelin 1 Eabha Neary/Jenny Cloonan, 2 Aoibhe Donnellan/Holly O’Boyle; 4x100m 1 Craughwell AC (Aoibhe Donnellan, Siobhan Carr, Grace Lynch, Chloe Hallinan, Isabella Boland).

U11 Boys 60m 1 Evan Moran/CathalSweeney; 600m 1 Evan Moran/Eddie Silke; Long Jump 1 Conor Gilligan/Tomas Fitzgerald, 2 Tiernan MacLoughlin/Cathal Sweeney; Turbo Javelin 1 Adam Jordan/Dara Kearney, 2 Lucas Keane/Cormac Regan; 4x100m 1 Craughwell AC (Jamie Collins, Eddie Silke, Cathal Sweeney, Evan Moran, Conor Gilligan).

U10 Girls 60m 2 Evie Culhane/Ella Farrelly, 3 Isobel Schukat/Tara Keane; 500m 1 Sophie McIllrath/Gillian Crowe; Long Jump 1 Ella Farrelly/Shannon Quinn, 3 Sophie McIllrath/Isobel Schukat; Turbo Javelin 1 Tara Keane/Molly Gilligan, 2 Jessica Shannon/Lily Lopez, 3 Shannon Quinn/Vivienne Greaney; 4x100m 1 Craughwell AC (Molly Gilligan, Gillian Crowe, Tara Keane, Ella Farrelly, Sophie McIllrath), 3 Craughwell AC (Maiah Fleetwood, Shannon Quinn, Sophie McIllrath, Isobel Schukat, Beth Crowe).

U10 Boys 60m 2 Steven Jennings/Cian Connaughton; 500m 1 Cian Connaughton/Fionn Higgins; Long Jump 2 Darragh Kelly/Steven Jennings, 3 Rian Comer/Ewan Walsh; Turbo Javelin 1 Dylan Martin/Jack Murray, 2 Conor Duffy/Eoin Woods; 4x100m 1 Craughwell AC (Rian Comer, Darragh Kelly, Sean Lavan, Steven Jennings, Jack Murray).

U9 Girls 60m 2 Keevagh Barry/Emily Kinane; 300m 1 Kathlyn Walshe/Kelly Hallinan, 3 Lillian Walshe/Ciara O’Connor; Long jump 1 Emma O’Donavan/Kathlyn Walshe, 2 Kelly Hallinan/Keevagh Barry, 3 Gemma Hallinan/Emily Kinane; Turbo Javelin 1 Keria Mernagh/Gemma Hallinan; 4x100m 1 Craughwell AC, 2 Craughwell AC.

U9 Boys 60m 1 Ben Moran/Dara Zimmer; 300m 1 Ben Moran/Keelan Moorhead, 2 Sean Hode/Caelin Coleman; Long Jump 1 Keelan Moorhead/Dara Zimmer, 2 Diarmuid Kelleher/Declan O’Connell, 3 Donnacha Lawless/Sean McDonagh; Turbo Javelin 1 Paul Barry/Liam Egan, 3 John Donnellan/Patrick Diviney; 4x100m 1 Craughwell AC (Keelan Moorhead, Dara Zimmer, Sean Hoade, Ben Moran, Caelan Coleman), 2 Craughwell AC(Iarlaith Leen, Paul Barry, Alex Ryan, Caelan Coleman, Kian McLaughlin), 3 Craughwell AC (Liam Egan Sean McDonagh, Dean McNally, Donnacha Lawless, Cillian Kelly).

U8 Girls 300m 3 Lauren Morgan; Long Jump 2 Saoirse O Donnell, 3 Ava Roche.

U8 Boys 60m 1 Oran Collins; 300m 1 Oran Collins, 2 Leo Molloy.

The full results are here:- GalwayU8-12TrackFieldResults2016.pdf

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