Find your CORE

Find your CORE

In anticipation of the Indian summer we are going to get, a 6 week Circuit Training programme al fresco (yes that’s outside) will begin at the track from next Tuesday 11th August at 7.00pm. It will then switch to Mondays at 7.00pm for the remaining 5 weeks.

Open to all senior and Fit for Life club members for a nominal fee paid on the night. The programme will cater for all abilities so please feel free to come a long and join in!

For the uninitiated ‘Circuit Training’ involves completing a series of fast-paced exercises with a short rest period in-between before moving on to the next exercise. It improves a runner’s strength which can lead to gains in speed and endurance. Ideal for any of our members training for an Autumn marathon or the upcoming cross country season or just about anyone who is looking to get fitter and stronger! 

If you have a yoga mat at home bring it along for comfort. A bottle of water and a towel (hopefully for the sweat and not the rain) is advisable also. So if the first thing that springs to mind when you hear the word core is apples, this is the class for you…

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