Fine Performances at Galway Open Track & Field

Fine Performances at Galway Open Track & Field

A very enjoyable afternoon was had by all at the Galway Open Track & Field in Dangan last Sunday. With 114 athletes taking part, it was a nice warm-up for the forthcoming track & field. Full results are at the following link:-

 Galway Open Track & Field Results 2014

There were many highlights for the club across all of the events. It was good too for our U8 athletes who won’t get a chance to compete in the official track and field – hopefully a nice taster for them of what is to come next year with some very good up and coming athletes in that group.

We look forward with excitement now to day 1 of the Galway Track and Field on Saturday 3rd May where our U9s, 10s and 11s athletes will battle it out with Galway’s best to see who goes forward to the Connacht finals, and the U12s also take to the track to fight for the Galway medals.


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