Fit4Life Autumn 2016 End of Term Time Trial

Fit4Life Autumn 2016 End of Term Time Trial

End of Term Time Trial Results are in the table below!  Well done to all who took part. 

Well done to all who completed the 10 weeks. Fit For Life will recommence in mid January. 

Keep an eye on the website and Craughwell AC Facebook page for updates.

A special thank you to all of the Fit for Life Leaders; Katie Gorman, Steven Carty, John Ward, Gerry Tracey, Niamh Flavin, James Diviney, and Edel Kavanagh.  Your time and effort is greatly appreciated.

1763Caroline Niland27.59
2753Mark Callinan28.28
3755Michelle Sheppard30.47
4751Jennifer Cormican30.50
5762Ann O’Donnell30.50
6761Linda McIntyre31.26
7765Elisha Daniels31.42
8758Breege Newell31.45
9752Marguerite Darcm35.46
10764Sinead Hurley36.22
11756Laura Burke36.23
12757Sarah Kennedy36.24
13750Mary Louise Conway36.57
14760Ailbhe O’Donnelll36.57
15754Linda Sheppard37.39
16759Eimer Carke37.39



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