Fit4life Update

Fit4life Update

 With more than seventy registered members now in the Fit4life programme it is Starting to grow legs of its own.The astonishing improvements and bags of determination are paying off, I can’t praise all the participants enough.


With such a great uptake we could use a little help, if you feel you could lend a hand as a leader please let me know by emailing

Training will be provided through AAI and the next Fit4life leader-training course is scheduled for Wednesday March 5th at the Pres Gym, Athenry (Scene of FOA 10k check-in).  For anyone interested in taking on a Fit4life leaders role. 

The next Fit4Life event will be in Newcastle, Athenry on Sunday 2nd of March @1.00pm You will be welcome to attend this free of charge as Craughwell AC fit4life members by emailing your name and club to to register. Regular club members will be 5 euro if pre registered by mail or 10 euro on the day

You must be a member of an athletic club to take part for insurance reasons!

You can join Craughwell AC by downloading an aplication form from the menue on the left hand side of this page under (Join Craughwell AC / Senior Section) 

The current term is half way through and that would officially end on April 5th so we have a 3-week gap to fill before summer series of 5k runs (these 5ks were so popular last year and a thoroughly enjoyable outings). They begin on the 29th of April. I think it would be a shame to loose momentum so I’m pleased to inform you all that we will run the current term through to Saturday the 26th of April. The late starters will benefit from this and will be in fine form for the events listed below.(remember beginners are always especially welcome)

There will be a cap on entries for these events so early entry would be well advised to avoid disappointment.

 If you are interested please email ASAP.  

Tuesday 29th April – Athenry – (Newcastle) @ 07:45pm
Tuesday 6th May – Tuam @ 8:00pm
Tuesday 13th May – Craughwell – @ 8:00pm
Tuesday 20th May – Claregalway – @ 8:00pm
Tuesday 27th May – Loughrea – @ 8:00pm
Tuesday 3rd June – Galway – @ 8:00pm

(These dates are still preliminary and could be subject to changes)

Fees:Series of Six events (Euro 20.00)

Single event entry (Euro 5.00)

We will accept this fee as your payment for fir4life term 3.  If you pay the 20-euro to do the six events we won’t charge for fit4life term 3 and you can do the 5ks as your Tuesday session and then fit4life on Thursday and Saturday also. 

Fit4life Term 3:

We will restart the 3rd 10 week fit4life term on the 29th April at Craughwell National School for those not taking part in the above the fee will be as before, 20 euros for 10 weeks this term will have 3 sessions per week.

Times:   Tuesday 8.30pm    Thursday 7.30pm    Saturday 9.30am

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