Food for Thought on Childhood Obesity

Food for Thought on Childhood Obesity

Interesting article in today's Irish Independent … "A QUARTER of Irish nine-year-olds are overweight with a disturbing trend towards obesity, according to a new report on the issue." We are lucky in Craughwell that children have such a range of sports competing for their attention but it would be worthwhile if parents had a read of the article and the ERSI report it refers to.

One thing I notice in the athletics club is that we have huge participation around 8/9/10 years old – with 40 to 60 children in each age group – and that participation starts to slowly decline after that. And its not that most of the children stick at a different sport instead. Its seems to be a common trend in all of the local sports clubs that participation starts to decline such that by age 17 or 18 only 20% of the group who were involved at age 9 are still involved, with the liklihood that a large portion of that original group are no longer doing any sport. This trend seems to happen particularly as children go from primary school to secondary school and into exam years.

Anyway, its just some food for thought for parents if your children ever start asking to drop out of sport.

The newspaper report is at:

The research report is at:-

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