Further success at County Championships!

Further success at County Championships!

Leanagh Gilligan and Lorraine Delaney who both joined the exclusive 5m Long Jump Club at the weekend!

Yet another highly successful day at the Galway Championships on a glorious sunny day saw many more fine performances from the large numbers of Craughwell athletes in attendance, most notably Jerry Keary’s breath-taking 1.92m in the U17 high jump to set a new club senior outdoor record, Leanagh Gilligan and Lorraine Delaney both breaking 5 metres for the first time in the long jump, Lukas Schukat clearing 1.45m to win the U14 high jump, Finbarr McFadden and Ailbhe Miskella reclaiming Galway track titles in the U15 distance races for the first time in a number of year. Some great performances also from Aisling Keady in the Junior Women grade where in spite of a heavy fall in the 100m hurdles at the start of the day, she went on to win 5 gold and 2 silver across a range of events.

The following are our results from the day and the full provisional results:-

U13 Girls
Long Jump 1 Emily Miskella, 2 Rebecca Lynch
High Jump 1 Saoirse Pierce
Javelin 1 Rebecca Lynch, 2 Leah Farrelly, 3 Tara Kelly
4x100m 3 Craughwell AC (Eve Ayo, Rebecca Lynch, Oliwia Koman, Emily Miskella, sub Anna Molloy)

U13 Boys
60m Hurdles 2 Conor Hoade
Long Jump 3 Lukas Schukat
High Jump 1 Lukas Schukat, 2 Conor Hoade, 3 Liam McDonagh
Javelin 1 Liam McDonagh, 2 Oisin Keane, 3 Robert Urquhart
Shot Putt 1 Oisin Keane
4x100m Craughwell AC 2 (Kieran O’Connor, Lukas Schukat, Conor Hoade, Rian Kearney, sub Liam Mulveen)

U14 Girls
75m Hurdles 2 Aine Kelly
Long Jump 3 Aine Kelly
High Jump 2 Ellie Cronin, 3 Aine Kelly
Javelin 1 Lauran McNally, 3 Edel Farrelly
4x100m 3 Craughwell AC (Aine Kelly, Ava Finn, Ellie Cronin, Ciara Hughes, sub Emma Jane Moran)

U14 Boys
75m Hurdles 1 Jack Farrell, 2 Padraig Martyn, 3 Lewis Ryan
80m 1 Shaun Gilligan, 2 Pascal Walsh
200m 1 Shaun Gilligan, 3 Pascal Walsh
800m 1 Sean Cotter
1500m 1 Sean Cotter
Long Jump 1 Shaun Gilligan, 2 Jack Farrell, 3 Padraig Martyn
High Jump 1 Lewis Ryan
Javelin 1 Conor Trehy, 2 Sean Cahill, 3 James Furey
Shot Putt 3 Sean Cahill
4x100m 1 Craughwell AC (Shaun Gilligan, Robert Urquhart, Pascal Walsh, Padraig Martyn, Jack Fitzgerald), 3 Craughwell AC (Jack Fitzgerald, James Furey, Conor Trehy, Ludhaigh Morgan)


Craughwell AC’s U15 Girls 4x100m Team,  County Champions 2016
Freya Bohan, Chloe Casey, Ava Finn, Leanagh Gilligan

U15 Girls
100m 1 Freya Bohan
200m 2 Chloe Casey
80m Hurdles 3 Leanagh Gilligan
800m 1 Ailbhe Miskella
1500m 1 Ailbhe Miskella, 3 Ciara Shepard
Long Jump 1 Leanagh Gilligan, 3 Freya Bohan
High Jump 1 Chloe Casey
Shot Putt 1 Chloe Casey
4x100m 1 Craughwell AC (Ava Finn, Chloe Casey, Leanagh Gilligan, Freya Bohan)

U15 Boys
80m 2 Ryan Gallagher
80m Hurdles 1 Ryan Gallagher
800m 1 Finbarr McFadden
1500m 1 Finbarr McFadden, 2 Kyle Moorhead
Long Jump 1 Conor Roberts, 3 Finbarr McFadden
High Jump 1 Sean Connaughton, 2 Ryan Gallagher, 3 Ciaran Connaughton

U16/17 Girls
80m Hurdles 3 Lorraine Delaney
100m 2 Siona Lawless
200m 2 Siona Lawless
1500m 3 Catherine Noonan
High Jump 1 Laura Cunningham, 2 Ciana Reidy, 3 Aoife Walsh
Long Jump 1 Lorraine Delaney, 2 Aoife Walsh, 3 Caoilin Milton
Triple Jump 1 Laura Cunningham, 2 Caoilin Milton
Shot Putt 2 Shauna Tobin
Javelin 2 Laura Cunningham, 3 Shauna Tobin

U16/17 Boys
200m 3 Oisin Lyons
400m 1 Oisin Lyons
800m 1 Oisin Lyons
1500m 1 Ben Ryan
Long Jump 1 Oisin Lyons, 2 Louis Molloy
High Jump 1 Jerry Keary


Craughwell AC’s Junior Womens 4x100m Team, County Junior Champions 2016
Ciana Reidy, Aoife Walsh, Katie Stephens, Caoilin Milton

Junior Women
100m Hurdles 1 Aisling Keady
800m 1 Aoife Greene
1500m 1 Caron Ryan
Long Jump 1 Aisling Keady, 2 Katie Stephens, 3 Mary Dunphy
High Jump 1 Aisling Keady
Triple Jump 1 Aisling Keady
Javelin 1 Aisling Keady
Shot Putt 1 Laura Cunningham, 2 Aisling Keady, 3 Caoilin Milton
4x100m 1 Craughwell AC (Aoife Walsh, Katie Stephens, Ciana Reidy, Caoilin Milton)

Junior Men
400m 2 Jack Miskella,
800m 3 Odhran Keane
Long Jump 1 Matthew McKiernan, 3 Ben Garrard
Triple Jump 2 Matthew McKiernan
Shot Putt 1 Ben Garrard, 3 Oisin Lyons


The Craughwell Senior Women 4x100m who placed second in the Galway Senior Championships
Orla Ryan, Katie O’Donoghue, Aisling Keady, Laura Cunningham

Senior Women
800m 1 Rachel Finnegan
Long Jump 1 Katie O’Donoghue, 2 Orla Ryan
High Jump 1 Katie O’Donoghue, 2 Orla Ryan
Triple Jump 1 Sarah Finnegan
4x100m 2 Craughwell AC (Orla Ryan, Laura Cunningham, Katie O’Donoghue, Aisling Keady), 3 Craughwell AC (Sarah Finnegan, Rena Deely, Niamh Flavin, Rachel Finnegan)

Senior Men
800m 2 Peadar Harvey, 3 Gavin Cooney
1500m 1 Peadar Harvey
Long Jump 2 Gavin Cooney
Triple Jump 2 Gavin Cooney
High Jump 2 Gavin Cooney

Master Women
400m 1 Rena Deely
800m 1 Niamh Flavin

Full results of the day are here:- GalwayU13-SeniorTrackFieldResults2016.pdf

IMG 20160515 121651

Finbarr McFadden
Galwau U15 800m and 1500m Champion 2016

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