Galway Community Games Program

Galway Community Games Program

The provisional program for the Galway Community Games which is on this Sunday and Monday in Ballinderrin is as follows:

Please note that all times listed here are my guesswork and not official times – so don't hold me to them! Try to arrive at least 1 hour before your event.

Also we've been selected to read the Community Games pledge at the start of the day on Sunday … so for the first time in yonks we will be taking part in the parade on Sunday morning. Please arrive by 10.15am if you want your children to take part in the parade … the more the merrier. The honour of reading the pledge goes to Grainne McDaid, who is U14 this year and has proudly represented the parish in the Galway Community Games on many many occasions.

Congratulations also to our representatives in the long jump and high jump competitions last night … Maria McNamara won the U16 high jump with a leap of 1.55m, Ellen Fitzpatrick took 2nd place with 1.35m, Aisling Keady-Cummins took silver in the U14 girls long jump with 4.09m, Dylan Finn took silver in the U14 boys long jump wirth 4.26m, Aoife Walsh was 5th in the U14 girls with 3.63m and Jack Craven finished 7th in the U14 boys long jump.

So the provisional program for Sunday and Monday is as follows and note again, the times are my guesswork so if it runs ahead or behind this schedule, don't blame me!!


Program of Events for Sun June 5th
1Area Relay Heats & Final11.00
2U10 RelayMixedHeats11.30
3U12 RelaysGirls & BoysHeats11.50
4U13 RelayMixedHeats12.30
5U 8 60 MetresGirls & BoysHeats12.50
6U8 80 MetresGirls & BoysHeats13.00
7U10 100 MetresGirls & BoysHeats13.10
8U12 100 MetresGirls & BoysHeats13.20
9U14 100 MetresGirls & BoysHeats13.30
10U16 100 MetresGirls & BoysSemi-Finals13.40
11U10 200 MetresGirls & BoysHeats13.50
12U12 600 MetresGirls & BoysSemi-Finals14.20
13U14 800 MetresGirls & BoysSemi-Finals14.40
14U 8 60 MetresGirls & BoysSemi-Finals15.00
15U8 80 MetresGirls & BoysSemi-Finals15.05
16U10 200 MetresGirls & BoysSemi-Finals15.10
17U10 100 MetresGirls & BoysSemi-Finals15.30
18U12 100 MetresGirls & BoysSemi-Finals15.35
19U14 100 MetresGirls & BoysSemi-Finals15.40
20U10 RelaysMixedSemi-Finals15.45
21U12 RelaysGirls & BoysSemi-Finals15.55
22U13 RelaysMixedSemi-Finals16.15
23U14 RelaysGirls & BoysSemi-Finals16.25
SUNDAY 10.30 Parade     11 am Official Start 
Program of Events for Mon June 6th
1U 10 60 Metre HurdlesGirls & BoysSemi-Finals11.00
2U 10 60 Metre HurdlesGirls & BoysFinals11.15
3U 14 80 Metre HurdlesGirls & BoysSemi-Finals11.25
4U 14 80 Metre HurdlesGirls & BoysFinals11.35
5U 16 1500 MetresGirls & BoysFinals11.45
6U 8 60 MetresGirls & BoysFinals12.00
7U8 80 MetresGirls & BoysFinals12.05
8U10 100 MetresGirls & BoysFinals12.10
9U12 100 MetresGirls & BoysFinals12.15
10U14 100 MetresGirls & BoysFinals12.20
11U16 100 MetresGirls & BoysFinals12.25
12U10 200 MetresGirls & BoysFinals12.30
13U12 600 MetresGirls & BoysFinals12.35
14U14 800 MetresGirls & BoysFinals12.45
15U10 RelayMixedFinals12.55
16U12 RelayGirls & BoysFinals13.00
17U13 RelayMixedFinals13.10
18U14 RelayGirls & BoysFinals13.15
19U15 RelayMixedFinals13.25
20U16 RelayGirls & BoysFinals13.30
Field Events
1U 12 Ball ThrowField Events held in back field
2U 12 Long PuckThroughout the day
3U 14 Long PuckBitmap


4U 14 Shot Putt   
5U 12 Cycling   
6U 14 Cycling   

Please Note:  All heats subject to become semi-finals or finals and all semi-finals subject to become finals Subject to number Competing

The following are the Craughwell entries:

U8Boys60 MetresSean Cahill
U8Boys80 MetresPadraig Martyn
U10Boys200 MetresDarren Lyons
U10Boys200 MetresFinbarr McFadden
U10Boys60 Metres HurdlesRyan Gallagher
U12Boys100 MetresCian Waters
U12Boys100 MetresMicheal McFadden
U12Boys600 MetresDavid McDonnell
U12BoysBall ThrowAdrian Prendergast
U12BoysBall ThrowConor Callaghan
U12BoysLong PuckKeelan Woodlock
U14Boys100 MetresOisin Woodlock
U14Boys800 MetresJack Miskella
U14Boys80 Metres HurdlesShane Finn
U14BoysLong JumpDylan Finn
U14BoysLong JumpJack Craven
U16Boys100 MetresConor Duggan
U16Boys100 MetresChristopher McDonnell
U16Boys1500 MetresJamie Spellman
U16Boys1500 MetresKeelan Ryan
U8Girls60 MetresAva Finn
U8Girls80 MetresEmily Miskella
U8Girls80 MetresEmma-Jane Moran
U8Girls80 MetresEdel Farrelly
U10Girls100 MetresMia Waters
U10Girls200 MetresAilbhe Miskella
U10Girls60 Metres HurdlesJane Trehy
U10Girls60 Metres HurdlesSarah McCartin
U12Girls100 MetresLaura Cunningham
U12Girls100 MetresCiara Griffin
U12Girls100 MetresAnna Farrelly
U12Girls600 MetresGrace Whiriskey
U12GirlsBall ThrowShauna Tobin
U14GirlsLong PuckHannah Rabbitte
U14Girls100 MetresMichelle Duggan
U14Girls800 MetresGrainne McDaid
U14Girls800 MetresLeanne Freaney
U14GirlsLong JumpAisling Keady-Cummins
U14GirlsLong JumpAoife Walsh
U14GirlsShot PuttAndrea Tobin
U16Girls100 MetresMairead McCan
U16Girls1500 MetresSinead Gaffney
U16GirlsHigh JumpMaria McNamara
U16GirlsHigh JumpEllen Fitzpatrick
10Mixed4 x 100M RelayMia Waters
10Mixed4 x 100M RelayJane Trehy
10Mixed4 x 100M RelayAilbhe Miskella
10Mixed4 x 100M RelayDarren Lyons
10Mixed4 x 100M RelayFinbarr McFadden
10Mixed4 x 100M RelayRyan Gallagher
12Boys4 x 100M RelayCian Waters
12Boys4 x 100M RelayMicheal McFadden
12Boys4 x 100M RelayDylan Finn
12Boys4 x 100M RelayAdrian Prendergast
12Boys4 x 100M RelayDiarmuid McCartin
12Boys4 x 100M RelayConor Callaghan
16Boys4 x 100M RelayConor Duggan
16Boys4 x 100M RelayChristopher McDonnell
16Boys4 x 100M RelayCathal Reidy
16Boys4 x 100M RelayJamie Spellman
16Boys4 x 100M RelayKeelan Ryan
16Boys4 x 100M RelayConor O'Donoghue
12Girls4 x 100M RelayLaura Cunningham
12Girls4 x 100M RelayCiara Griffin
12Girls4 x 100M RelayAoife Walsh
12Girls4 x 100M RelayCiana Reidy
12Girls4 x 100M RelayAnna Farrelly
12Girls4 x 100M RelayShauna Tobin
14Girls4 x 100M RelayMichelle Duggan
14Girls4 x 100M RelayAisling Keady-Cummins
14Girls4 x 100M RelayGrainne McDaid
14Girls4 x 100M RelayLeanne Freaney
14Girls4 x 100M RelayHannah Rabbitte
14Girls4 x 100M RelayAndrea Tobin
16Girls4 x 100M RelayMairead McCan
16Girls4 x 100M RelayMaria McNamara
16Girls4 x 100M RelaySinead Gaffney
16Girls4 x 100M RelayEllen Fitzpatrick
16Girls4 x 100M RelayGabrielle Tobin
16Girls4 x 100M RelayEllen Treacy



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