Galway Secondary School Cross-Country

Galway Secondary School Cross-Country

The Galway Secondary School cross-country takes place at 12 noon on Thurs 24th Jan in Dangan.


Distances are as follows:-


– Minor Girls – 1,200m

– Minor Boys – 2,000m

– Junior Girls – 2,000m

– Junior Boys – 3,500m

– Intermediate Girls – 3,500m

– Intermediate Boys – 5,000m

– Senior Girls – 4,000m

– Senior Boys – 6,500m


Age groups are as follows:-


– Minor: Under 14

– Junior: Under 15

– Intermediate: Under 17

– Senior: Under 19


Note, the cut-off date for age groups is 1 July. You must be under the specified age prior to this date in the year of competition, e.g. an athlete who turns 14 on 1st July is an U14/Minor.


Please check with your teachers regarding entry – some schools might not enter you if they don't know you are interested.


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