Galway U12-19 Track & Field

Galway U12-19 Track & Field

At the Galway Track & Field last Saturday, incessant rain fell all day long which dampened spirits for most of the day. Nevertheless the large number of Craughwell AC athletes in attendance competed with distinction with many fine performances. The high jump and hurdles had to be postponed to this Thursday at 7pm in Dangan but the remaining events went ahead despite the weather. Maria McNamara was in top form when winning the U17 long jump and triple jump, taking silver in the shot putt, adding 2 gold medals in the U17 and U18 relays and guesting in the 300m and 300m hurdles which she duly won. Katie O’Donoghue set a new club record in the shot putt when taking gold in the U18 girls event with a throw of 7.45m while Pádraic Tobin won a tight 800m battle with Finn Stoneman and Conor Gillen, crossing the line to take the U18 title in a time of 2.07.2.

Summary of Craughwell AC's leading performances are as follows:

U12 Girls Long Jump 1st Laura Cunningham 3.44, 4th Caolin Milton 3.34; U12 Girls Shot Putt 1st Aoife Raftery 5.02, 2nd Shauna Tobin 4.43, 3rd Lauren Gilligan 4.31; U12 Girls Ball Throw, 3rd Ciara Murphy 19.36; U12 Boys Long Jump 1st Peter Martin 3.74, 2nd Jerry Keary 3.60, 3rd Cillian Doyle 3.54, 4th Sean Delaney 3.50; U12 Boys Shot Putt 1st Mark O'Brien 6.97, 2nd Stephen O'Connor 6.92; 4th Diarmuid McCartin 4.94; U12 Boys Ball Throw 1st Stephen O'Connor 29.20. 3rd Conor Callaghan 23.12, 4th Mark O'Brien 21.67; U12 Boys 600m 1st Sean Delaney 2.01.6; U12 Boys 60m 2nd Jerry Keary 9.2.

 U13 Girls Long Jump 1st Erin Fitzpatrick 3.60, 2nd Shonagh Gilligan 3.57; U13 Girls Shot Putt 2nd Erin Fitzpatrick 5.52; U13 Girls Javelin 1st Michelle Duggan 10.40, 2nd Shonagh Gilligan 9.75, 3rd Grace Whirskey 8.05; U13 Girls 80m 3rd Eimear Loughnane 12.4; U13 Boys Long Jump 2nd Dylan Finn 3.77, 3rd James Cahalane 3.76; U13 Boys Shot Putt 1st Nathan Lynskey 7.15, 2nd Dylan Finn 6.33; U13 Boys Javelin 1st Nathan Lynskey 15.31; U13 Boys 600m 1st James Cahalane 1.52.3.

 U14 Girls Shot Putt 1st Andrea Tobin 6.62; U14 Girls 80m 1st Tara McNally 11.2; U14 Boys 200m 3rd James Delaney 35.4; U14 Boys 800m 2nd James Delaney 3.21.42; U14 Boys Shot Putt 1st Cathal O'Brien 9.64; U14 Boys 1500m 1st Oisin Doyle 5.10.9, 2nd Diarmuid Harvey 5.39.9; U14 Boys Javelin 4th Andrew O'Boyle 14.5; U14 Boys Long Jump 3rd Matthew McKernan 3.63.

 U15 Girls 100m 1st Sineád Treacy 13.9, 2nd Ciara Greene 14.3; U15 Girls 1500m 1st Ciara Greene 5.21.3; U15 Girls Long Jump 1st Dandy Murray 4.05, 4th Ciara Greene 3.73;

U15 Boys 100m 1st Aidan Conneely 12.91, 2nd Kelvin Olayemi 13.22; U15 Boys 800m 1st Damien O'Boyle 2.17.1, 2nd Jamie Spellman 2.17.5; U15 Boys 1500m 1st Jamie Spellman 4.49.3; U15 Boys Long Jump Kelvin Olayemi 4.89; U15 Boys 1000m Walk Shane Finn 6.22.2.

 U16/17 Girls Long Jump 1st Maria McNamara 4.87, 2nd Maireád McCan 4.81, 3rd Melissa Mullins 4.16; U16/17 Girls Triple Jump 1st Maria McNamara 9.82, 2nd Melissa Mullins 9.56; U16/17 Girls Shot Putt 2nd Maria McNamara 7.87; U16/17 Girls 300m 1st Maria McNamara 47.1; U16/17 Girls 300m Hurdles 1st Maria McNamara 50.8; U16/17 Boys 1000m Walk 1st Christopher O'Connor 5.17.1; U16/17 Boys 800m 1st Finn Stoneman 2.07.8, 2nd Conor Gillen 2.07.9, 3rd Nicholas Sheehan 2.10.5; U16/17 Boys 1500m 1st John Cormican 4.56.8, 2nd Matthew Moran 4.59.7.

U18/19 Girls 200m 1st Katie O'Donoghue 29.80; U18/19 Girls Long Jump 1st Katie O'Donoghue 4.49, 2nd Ashley McDonnell; U18/19 Girls Shot Putt 1st Katie O'Donoghue 7.45, 2nd Ashley McDonnell 5.75; U18/19 Boys 800m 1st Pádraic Tobin 2.07.2.

 U12 Girls 4x100m 3rd Craughwell 62.31 (Ciara Murphy, Caolin Milton, Derbhla Cronin, Laura Cunningham, Shauna Tobin); U12 Boys 4x100m 1st Craughwell A 60.43 (Jerry Keary, Cillian Doyle, Sean Delaney, Peter Martin, Mark O’Brien), 3rd Craughwell B 63.75 (Stephen O’Connor, Diarmuid McCartin, Conor Callaghan, Luke Evans, Brian Gillen); U13 Girls 4x100m 3rd Craughwell A 62.87 (Eimear Loughnane, Erin Fitzpatrick, Shona Gilligan, Anita Moran, Michelle Duggan); U13 Boys 4x100m 3rd Craughwell 59.94 (Brian Loughnane, Dylan Finn, James Cahalane, Jim Crowley, Gearoid Treacy); U15 Girls 4x100m 1st Craughwell 54.55; U15 Boys 4x100m 1st Craughwell 52.96; U17 Girls 4x100m 1st Craughwell 54.15 (Jessica Heneghan, Maria McNamara, Claire Ryder, Maireád McCan, Melissa Mullins); U18 Girls 4x100m 1st Craughwell 52.43 Jessica Heneghan, Maria McNamara, Katie O’Donoghue, Maireád McCan, Melissa Mullins.

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