Good Craughwell Turnout in Ballinasloe as PBs abound

Good Craughwell Turnout in Ballinasloe as PBs abound

There were plenty of Craughwell Singlets in evidence in Ballinasloe for their inaugral 10k Race.  There were many positive things about this race – the weather was good, the Hotel provided a really nice registration area and the marshalling was really excellent.  There was an excellent turnout with what seemed like at least a couple of hundred runners togging out to complete the 10k on a fine if cool and breezy day.

From Craughwell there were several familar faces including Mark Davis (3rd), Johnny Lane (4th), Tony Nevin, Noel Gorman, etc.

Unfortunately there were a few very fixable things that let it down slightly – perhaps because it was the organisers first attempt at a race.  I am going to list them here just for record, and not to criticise the honest efforts of the organisers. 

1. Chief problem was the fact that the course was very short so you can discount your PB right now.  It was particularly short in the first 3k (which I covered in a rightly incredible 8:50 pb on a day when I ran very poorly).  I'd estimate that it was 400-500m short which is about 1:20-1:45 for a 35 minute runner or 1:40-2:00 for a 40 minute runner.

2. The race had no clearly marked start and finish line – it would be better to start and finish on the road I think, allowing for a finishing chute – the finish in particular would make a sprint finish impossible.

3. The course itself was very nice in places, but involved a lot of potentially dangerous crossing of busy roads and junctions.  I had to hop up onto kerbs to avoid oncoming traffic on several occasions.  The marshals though numerous and generally very good were trying to direct both traffic and confused runners – not ideal as when you see somone wave a car to the left it's easy to follow the hand and go to the left yourself. 

After the race many people retired to the bar in the Clarion Shearwater to watch Martin Fagan and Mary Cullens brave attempts at winning the Bupa great ireland run (a good race but I was disappointed for them that they didn't manage to win).

Those items can easily be remedied for next year so if it's on again I'll definitely give it another shot.  It was still a very enjoyable race and hopefully everyone had a good blow out in advance of the Galway 5k series.

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