Good luck to all our juvenile athletes in Connacht T&F

Good luck to all our juvenile athletes in Connacht T&F

The very best of luck to all our athletes in the forthcoming Connacht track and field championships which will be held in Sligo on 9th June (u9,10,11,12) and 16th June (u13,14,15,16,17,18,19).

We have a large number of athletes taking part, many with legitimate hopes of qualifying for the All-Irelands.  Based on their performances in the Galway Outdoor Track & Field Championships earlier in May, these hopes are well justified. The Galway championships provided rich pickings for Craughwell athletes – easily our best ever performance in both participation terms and podium positions. The performances across all age groups were superb and it would take too long to write a detailed dialogue of all of them.

One deserves particular mention – that of Aidan Conneely in the U12 boys sprint. Aidan’s birthday is towards the end of the year meaning he is almost a year younger than some of the competitors in his age group. However his age group is U11 so the new team competition this year means he has to run U12, so is almost 2 years younger than some of his competitors. But in the U12 Galway sprints, incredibly he was the fastest of all the competitors, including the silver medallist in the National Indoor U12 60m Simon Shaughnessy and the gold medallist in the National Indoor U12 600m Colm Hughes. A fantastic performance by Aidan and certainly a talent to watch for the future. Full details of the club’s medal winners and performances were as follows. When I get the details, I will post everyone’s performance to the Website, not just the medal winners.

4x100m Relays


U9 Girls

1 Craughwell 1.17.34 (Shonagh Gilligan, Emma Gaffney, Aisling Keady, Mary Dunphy, Ciara Callanan) 

U10 Girls

1 Craughwell 1.09.61
2 Craughwell B 1,16,78 

U11 Girls

1 Craughwell 1.04.55 

U12 Girls

1 Craughwell 1.01.65 (Sarah Molloy, Claire Ryder, Ailbhe Greaney, Ella Bryan, Gabrielle Tobin) 
U14 Girls
3 Craughwell 0.57.9 (Orla Ryan, Debi Kenny, Linda Porter, Katie O’Donoghue) 

U16 Girls

2 Craughwell 0.56.7 (Sophie Ralston, Maeve Curley, Rachel Finnegan, Sarah Helebert) 

U9 Boys

1 Craughwell
2 Craughwell B 

U10 Boys

1 Craughwell 1.07.172 Craughwell B 1.09.61 
U11 Boys
2 Craughwell 1.01.2 (Aidan Conneely, Jamie Spelman, Conor Gardiner, Niall O’Donnell, Brian Concannon)  

U12 Boys

3 Craughwell 1.03.02 (Conor Tarpey, Brian Tarpey, Oisin McNally, Nicholas Sheehan, Cathal Reidy) 

U13 Boys

2 Craughwell 1.00.8 (Peter Treacy, PJ Kelly, James Greaney, Brendan Gallagher) 

U14 Boys

2 Craughwell 0.56.2 (1 Cormac Dillon, 2 David Farrell, 3 David Concannon 4 Paul McGill) 

U15 Boys

1 Craughwell 0.55.1 (Shaun Gallagher, Ruairi Finnegan, Tomás Keehan, Paul McGill)


U9/10 Girls 60m

1 Caoimhe Reidy/Tara McNally 19.68
2 Hannah Rabbitte/Grainne McDaid 20.8 

U11/12 Girls 80m

1 Claire Ryder/Ella Bryan 23.53 

U14 Girls 200m

3 Debi Kenny 31.1 

U9/10 Boys 60m

1 Ian Connolly/Eddie Madden 19.47
3 Gary Clay/Niall Broderick 20.2 

U11/12 Boys 80m

2 Jamie Spellman/Aidan Conneely 23.73 

U13 Boys 100m

1 Peter Treacy 

U14 Boys 200m

3 David Concannon 32.0 

U15 Boys 200m

1 Ruairi Finnegan 28.6 



U9/10 Girls 300m

1 Caoimhe Reidy/Grainne McDaid 1.56.89 

U13 Girls 600m

3 Laura Porter 1.56.4 

U14 Girls 1500m

1 Linda Porter 5.38.3 

U15 Girls 800m

1 Ashley McDonnell 2.32.0 

U9/10 Boys 300m

1 Liam Forde/Oisin Coppinger 1.52.16
3 Niall Broderick/Gary Clay 1.58.5 

U11/12 Boys 600m

3 Cathal Reidy/Nicholas Sheehan 4.00.6 

U13 Boys 600m

1 Paul Joyce 1.51.92 Finn Stoneman 1.57.7

U14 Boys 1500m

1 Pádraic Tobin 5.44.7

U15 Boys 800m

1 Ruairi Finnegan 2.33.2
3 Shaun Gallagher 3.02.7  

U17 Boys 1500m

2 Shane O’Halloran 5.17.6 


U13 Girls 80m
2 Caoimhe Quill 12.4
3 Sineád Gaffney 13.1 

U14 Girls 80m

2 Katie O’Donoghue 

U15 Girls 100m

1 Sarah Helebert 14.8 

U17 Girls 100m

1 Rachel Finnegan 13.3
3 Sophie Ralston 19.1 

U17 Girls 250m

1 Rachel Finnegan 42.00
2 Sophie Ralston 45.00 

U13 Boys 80m

2 Brendan Gallagher 11.3
3 Peter Treacy 11.8 

U14 Boys 80m

1 Paul McGill 

U15 Boys 250m

2 Tomás Keehan 39.5 

Long Jump


U9/10 Girls

1 Ashleen Nee/Hannah Rabbitte 5.27m
2 Emma Gaffney/Ashling Keady 5.00m
3 Mary Dunphy / Ciara Callanan 4.32m 

U11/12 Girls

1 Ella Bryan/Claire Ryder 7.89m
2 Sarah Molloy/Ailbhe Greaney 6.69m 

U13 Long Jump

2 Marie McNamara 3.64m
3 Maireád McCann 3.55m 

U15 Girls

1 Sarah Helebert 3.94m 

U17 Girls

1 Rachel Finnegan 4.46m
3 Maeve Curley 4.06m 

U9/10 Boys

1 Eddie Madden/Matthew Molloy 6.1m
2 Stephen Callaghan/Jack Reidy 5.05m
3 Gearoid Treacy/Elijah Murray 4.27m 

U11/12 Boys

1 Oisin McNally/Ryan Ellis 6.75m
2 Aidan Conneely/Niall O’Donnell 6.58m 

U13 Boys

1 PJ Kelly 4.21m
2 Jack Raftery 4.05m
3 Brendan Gallagher 3.71m 
U14 Boys
3 Cillian Reidy 3.73m 

U15 Boys

2 Tomás Keehan 4.63m
3 Niall Rooney 4.24m 

High Jump


U13 Girls

1 Caoimhe Quill 1.20m

U14 Girls

1 Orla Ryan 1.25m

U15 Girls

2 Sarah Helebert 1.35m

3 Ashley McDonnell 1.35m

U17 Girls

1 Cathriona Farrell 1.50m

3 Rebecca Helebert 1.35m 

U13 Boys

1 Jack Raftery 1.25m

 U14 Boys

1 David Farrell 1.35m

3 Pádraic Tobin 1.30m

 U15 Boys

1 Niall Rooney 1.48m

2 Tomás Keehan 1.35m

3 Aidan Jennings 1.30m


Ball Throw


U9/10 Girls

1 Tara McNally/Andrea Tobin 36.4m

2 Jean Waters/Nicola Cahill 32.11m

3 Aisling Keady/Lisa Doran 24.1m 

U9/10 Boys

1 Dylan Finn/Oisin Woodlock 36.09m

3 Vinny Kenny/Alan Callanan 32.08m 

Shot Putt


U11/12 Girls

2 Emma Byrne/Emer Flaherty 10.26m
3 Gabrielle Tobin/Ursula Curley 10.14m 

U14 Girls

1 Niamh O’Halloran 6.68m
3 Kate Dundon 5.45m 

U17 Girls

2 Rebecca Helebert 7.21m 

U11/12 Boys

1 Craig McGill/Conor Tarpey 12.78m
2 Brian Tarpey/Conor O’Donoghue 12.56m
3 Jack Kenny/Keelin Ryan 9.5m 

U13 Boys

1 PJ Kelly 7.43m
2 James Greaney 7.26m
3 Cathal Coppinger 6.17m 

U14 Boys

1 Paul McGill 11.84m
3 Cormac Dillon 6.60m 

U15 Boys

1 Niall Rooney 7.91m 



U13 Girls

1 Marie McNamara 4.28m 

U14 Girls

1 Niamh O’Halloran 8.50m 

U13 Boys

2 James Greaney 12.09m 

U14 Boys

1 Paul McGill 26.5m
3 Cormac Dillon 13.07m 

U17 Boys

1 David Porter 26.82m

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