Great Days at Galway Outdoors 2023

Great Days at Galway Outdoors 2023

The sun shone on Dangan as the best Athletes in the county took on the challenge of the Galway outdoors.

The clubs results are below:

U13 Boys 4x100m Relay: 1. Craughwell A.C. 4×100 Relay Male Under 13 A (O’Reilly, Jamie, Colleran, Sean, King, Lincoln, Mc Nena, Ruairi, Mc Nena, Ciaran, ) – (56.3) Gold
U13 Boys 600m: 10. Ciaran Mc Nena (02:03.1)
U13 Boys 60mH: 1. Sean Colleran (10.4) Gold
U13 Boys 60mH: 2. Lincoln King (10.6) Silver
U13 Boys 60mH: 7. Ruairi Mc Nena (11.3)
U13 Boys 80m: 1. Lincoln King (10.6) Gold
U13 Boys 80m: 12. Ruairi Mc Nena (11.8)
U13 Boys 80m: 13. Jamie O’Reilly (11.9)
U13 Boys 80m: 3. Sean Colleran (11) Bronze
U13 Boys High Jump: 1. Jamie O’Reilly (1.2) Gold
U13 Boys Javelin: 5. Sean Colleran (11.46)
U13 Boys Long Jump: 5. Ruairi Mc Nena (3.67)
U13 Boys Long Jump: 7. Ciaran Mc Nena (3.48)
U13 Girls 4x100m Relay: 1. Craughwell A.C. 4×100 Relay Female Under 13 A (Madden, Jessica, Meehan, Sophie, Drysdale, Grace, Whelan, Faye, Casserly, Adele, ) – (01:00.1) Gold
U13 Girls 600m: 3. Sophie Meehan (01:53.0) Bronze
U13 Girls 60mH: 1. Kate O Leary (10.8) Gold
U13 Girls 60mH: 11. Grace Drysdale (13)
U13 Girls 60mH: 3. Faye Whelan (11.7) Bronze
U13 Girls 80m: 4. Adele Casserly (11.6)
U13 Girls 80m: 6. Grace Drysdale (11.8)
U13 Girls High Jump: 1. Kate O Leary (1.4) Gold
U13 Girls High Jump: 3. Faye Whelan (1.25) Bronze
U13 Girls High Jump: 4. Adele Casserly (1.1)
U13 Girls Long Jump: 1. Kate O Leary (4.08) Gold
U13 Girls Long Jump: 11. Grace Drysdale (3.3)
U13 Girls Long Jump: 3. Adele Casserly (3.9) Bronze
U13 Girls Long Jump: 5. Faye Whelan (3.74)
U14 Boys 1500m: 1. Alan Hallinan (04:54.7) Gold
U14 Boys 1500m: 3. Zach Keane (05:26.0) Bronze
U14 Boys 200m: 1. Sean Cleare (26.1) Gold
U14 Boys 200m: 5. Alan Warde (30.7)
U14 Boys 4x100m Relay: 2. Craughwell A.C. 4×100 Relay Male Under 14 A (Johnston, Hugo, Hallinan, Alan, Cleare, Sean, Lawless, Daithi, O’Donovan, Oisin, ) – (55.2) Silver
U14 Boys 75m Hurdles (0.762m): 1. Oisin O’Donovan (12.9) Gold
U14 Boys 75m Hurdles (0.762m): 2. Alan Hallinan (13.2) Silver
U14 Boys 75m Hurdles (0.762m): 5. Alan Warde (14.5)
U14 Boys 75m Hurdles (0.762m): 6. Zach Keane (15)
U14 Boys 800m: 1. Alan Hallinan (02:21.1) Gold
U14 Boys 800m: 5. Charlie Daniels (02:42.5)
U14 Boys 800m: 6. Rhys Whelan (02:56.0)
U14 Boys 80m: 1. Sean Cleare (10.1) Gold
U14 Boys 80m: 10. Hugo Johnston (11.9)
U14 Boys 80m: 11. Alan Warde (12.2)
U14 Boys 80m: 13. Rhys Whelan (12.7)
U14 Boys 80m: 7. Daithi Lawless (11.3)
U14 Boys Discus: 1. Max Madden (26.51) Gold
U14 Boys Discus: 2. Cathal Desbonnet (22.01) Silver
U14 Boys Discus: 3. Killian Burke (17.18) Bronze
U14 Boys High Jump: 1. Oisin O’Donovan (1.45) Gold
U14 Boys High Jump: 2. Rhys Whelan (1.3) Silver
U14 Boys Javelin: 1. Cathal Desbonnet (17.7) Gold
U14 Boys Javelin: 2. Charlie Daniels (17.38) Silver
U14 Boys Javelin: 4. Killian Burke (13.64)
U14 Boys Long Jump: 1. Sean Cleare (4.5) Gold
U14 Boys Long Jump: 2. Oisin O’Donovan (4.44) Silver
U14 Boys Long Jump: 3. Charlie Daniels (4.02) Bronze
U14 Boys Long Jump: 6. Hugo Johnston (2.95)
U14 Boys Shot Putt: 1. Max Madden (9.84) Gold
U14 Boys Shot Putt: 2. Killian Burke (7.87) Silver
U14 Boys Shot Putt: 3. Cathal Desbonnet (7.59) Bronze
U14 Boys Shot Putt: 5. Ross Beattie (6.68)
U14 Girls 200m: 9. Isabelle Power (31.2)
U14 Girls 4x100m Relay: 4. Craughwell A.C. 4×100 Relay Female Under 14 A (Power, Isabelle, Lavan, Aisling, Brady, Jenna, Madden, Vanessa, ) – (59.2)
U14 Girls 800m: 5. Jenna Brady (02:43.3)
U14 Girls 800m: 6. Laoise Scully (02:50.2)
U14 Girls 80m: 10. Laoise Scully (12.2)
U14 Girls 80m: 9. Isabelle Power (12.1)
U14 Girls High Jump: 2. Aisling Lavan (1.25) Silver
U14 Girls Javelin: 2. Laoise Scully (12.85) Silver
U14 Girls Long Jump: 10. Isabelle Power (3.66)
U14 Girls Long Jump: 12. Jenna Brady (3.45)
U14 Girls Long Jump: 2. Aisling Lavan (4.08) Silver
U14 Girls Long Jump: 8. Vanessa Madden (3.72)
U15 Boys 100m: 1. Kai Watters (11.7) Gold
U15 Boys 100m: 2. Darragh Simpson (12.2) Silver
U15 Boys 100m: 3. Tom Malone (12.5) Bronze
U15 Boys 100m: 7. Ethan Stace (13.1)
U15 Boys 200m: 1. Kai Watters (24.2) Gold
U15 Boys 200m: 2. Darragh Simpson (25.8) Silver
U15 Boys 200m: 3. Tom Malone (26.4) Bronze
U15 Boys 200m: 5. Ethan Stace (27.9)
U15 Boys 4x100m Relay: 1. Craughwell A.C. 4×100 Relay Male Under 15 A (Warde, Alan, Malone, Tom, Simpson, Darragh, Watters, Kai, Stace, Ethan, ) – (50) Gold
U15 Girls 100m: 1. Rachel Warde (12.6) Gold
U15 Girls 100m: 3. Aeveen Kelly (13.5) Bronze
U15 Girls 200m: 2. Aeveen Kelly (27.9) Silver
U15 Girls 800m: 1. Claudia Coyle (02:30.4) Gold
U16 Boys 100m: 2. Toyosi George (12) Silver
U16 Boys 100m: 3. Conor Penney (12.2) Bronze
U16 Boys 1500m: 3. Keelan Moorhead (04:54.8) Bronze
U16 Boys 200m: 2. Toyosi George (25.1) Silver
U16 Boys 4x100m Relay: 1. Craughwell A.C. 4×100 Relay Male Under 16 A (Whyte, Joshua, Hoade, Sean, Lawless, Donnacha, George, Toyosi, Penney, Conor, ) – (48.6) Gold
U16 Boys High Jump: 1. Conor Penney (1.9) Gold
U16 Girls 100m: 5. Keevagh Barry (13.6)
U16 Girls 100m: 6. Megan Devane (14)
U16 Girls 100m: 8. Emily Kinane (14.4)
U16 Girls 200m: 5. Keevagh Barry (28.7)
U16 Girls 4x100m Relay: 1. Craughwell A.C. 4×100 Relay Female Under 16 A (Warde, Rachel, Devane, Megan, Kelly, Aeveen, O’Donovan, Emma, Kilduff, Lauren, Barry, Keevagh, ) – (50.9) Gold
U16 Girls High Jump: 1. Emma O’Donovan (1.45) Gold
U16 Girls Long Jump: 5. Emily Kinane (4.03)
U17 Girls 200m: 6. Alysso Salvo (29.5)
U18 Boys 800m: 2. Liam O’Connell (02:05.9) Silver
U18 Girls 1500m: 1. Holly O’Boyle (05:40.2) Gold
U18 Boys High Jump: 1. Sean Liston (1.65) Gold
U18 Girls 100m: 1. Caoimhe Kilkenny (12.9) Gold
U18 Girls 100m: 2. Eva Kelleher (13.5) Silver
U18 Girls 100m: 3. Etaine Moran (13.8) Bronze
U18 Girls 2 Km Walk: 2. Holly Shaughnessy (10:22.7) Silver
U18 Girls 200m: 2. Caoimhe Kilkenny (28) Silver
U18 Girls 4x100m Relay: 1. Craughwell A.C. 4×100 Relay Female Under 18 (Kilkenny, Caoimhe, Salvo, Alysso, Kelleher, Eva, Moran, Etaine, ) – (53.9) Gold
U18 Girls High Jump: 2. Eva Kelleher (1.45) Silver
U18 Girls Long Jump: 1. Eva Kelleher (4.79) Gold
U19 Boys High Jump: 1. Evan Hallinan (1.85) Gold
U19 Boys Javelin: 1. Andrew Power (40.64) Gold
U19 Boys Long Jump: 1. Andrew Power (5.32) Gold
U19 Boys Triple Jump: 1. Andrew Power (10.42) Gold
U19 Girls High Jump: 2. Leonore Church (1.45) Silver
U19 Girls High Jump: 3. Siofra Davis (1.45) Bronze
U19 Girls Javelin: 1. Aoibhe Fahy (22.17) Gold
U19 Girls Javelin: 2. Leonore Church (14.82) Silver
U19 Girls Long Jump: 1. Siofra Davis (4.69) Gold
U19 Girls Long Jump: 2. Leonore Church (4.46) Silver

In the U17 and older ages there were many more outstanding performances, in particular Andrew Power who threw the 800g javelin out to 40.64m to claim the Galway U19 title and again smash his 37m club record from last year. Andrew completed a super day when adding the Galway title in the U19 long jump and in the triple jump with leaps of 5.32m and 10.42m. Evan Hallinan leaped 1.85m to claim the Galway title in the U19 Boys High Jump, slowly getting back to his brilliant best.

Siofra Davis and Leonore Church are also getting back to top form in the high jump and threatening their PBs with both leaping 1.45m in the U19 age group and Leonore claiming silver and Siofra bronze on countback. The girls reversed positions in the long jump with Siofra taking the Galway title with a fine 4.69m leap and Leonore taking silver with a leap of 4.46m and a 1cm PB! Aoibhe Fahy took the Galway U19 javelin title with a 22.17m throw while Leonore Church added her third medal of the day in the same event with a fine 14.82m effort to take silver.

The U18 girls took a clean sweep of the medals in the 100m final with Caoimhe Kilkenny storming to victory in 12.9s followed closely by Eva Kelleher in 2nd place with 13.25 and Etaine Moran taking bronze in 13.8. The girls combined with Alysso Salvo to take the Galway title in the 4×100 relay in a time of 53.9s. Caoimhe raced to silver in the U10 200m in a time of 28.0 while Alysso took 6h place in the U17 200m in 29.5. Eva added further silverware with victory in the U18 Girls long jump with a leap of 4.79m and silver in the high jump with 1.45m. Holly Shaughnessy took silver in the 2000m walk with 10.L22.7 while Holly O’Boyle took gold in the 1500m in 5:40.8.

In the U18 Boys events, Sean Liston took the Galway title in the high jump with a leap of 1.65m while Liam O’Connell took silver in the 800m in 2:05.9.

The throwers of our group are making their mark, starting off the day with a 1 st , 2 nd and 3 rd in the Shot Putt from Max Madden, Killian Burke and Cathal Desbonnet. Our throwers continue to soar with successes in javelin with Cathal Desbonnet taking gold with a throw of 17.70, followed by Charlie Daniels 17.38 and Killian Burke narrowly missing out on the silverware in 4 th place. Seán Colleran took bronze in U13. Laoise Scully also score a silver medal in the U14 javelin. First time out for our discus throwers at U14 level, Max Madden strikes again with a gold medal, throwing a fine 26.18, Cathal Desbonnet in 2nd and Killian Burke in 3 rd . Watch this space for these mighty throwers.

Our Long jumpers shone bright with U13 Kate O’Leary jumping to gold with a leap of 4.08 followed by Adele Casserly in 3 rd with a jump of 3.90. It was a clean sweep for the U14 boys also with Seán Cleare winning gold, Oisín O’Donovan taking silver and Charlie Daniels nabbing bronze and a PB. Aisling Lavan took silver for the U14 girls with a jump of 4.08.

The sprinters and hurdlers were not to be outdone with Kate O’Leary taking gold and Faye Whelan bronze. Seán Colleran and Lincoln King would follow with with a gold and silver in hurdles. Oisín O’Donovan had a snappy run to take gold in the 75 hurdles followed closely by Alan Hallinan in 2nd. Sprinters Sean and Lincoln continued their success in the 80m sprint with Lincoln taking gold and Seán in 3 rd . Seán Cleare took gold in both the 80m sprint and the 200m.

High jumpers also had a great day. Jamie O’Reilly took gold in the U13 Boys High Jump. Kate O’Leary leaped to victory with a jump with a jump of 1.40 followed by Faye Whelan in 3rd . The U14 boys also took home silverware with gold for Oisín O’Donovan and silver for Rhys Whelan. Not to be outdone Aisling Lavan took silver for the U14 girls.

Strong performances from our long runners. Vanessa Madden took silver in the U14 1500m with Alan Hallinan in 1 st and Zach Keane in 3 rd for the boys. In the 800m Alan Hallinan was victorious again taking the gold. Sophie Meehan not only scored a bronze medal in the 600m but also bagged a new PB of 1.53.

Our relay teams were on fire! U13 girls Adele Casserly, Faye Whelan, Grace Drysdale and Sophie Meehan stormed home to gold with a PB of 1.00. U13 boys Ciarán Mc Nena, Ruairí Mc Nena, Lincoln King, and Seán Colleran had us on the edge of our seat to also take gold. Our U14 girls narrowly missed out on the silverware while the U14 Boys Oisín O’Donovan, Seán Cleare, Daithí Lawless and Alan Hallinan took the silver.

The club’s U12 age group dominated their events throughout the day with the girls in particular winning half of the medals on offer across the 8 events in their age group.

Two of the stars of the day were in the throws with Sophie Mullane throwing the turbo javelin out to a massive 17.50m to take the gold medal ahead of Lola Whitney-Mangan who took the silver with 14.10. Lolo also claimed gold in the shot put with 6.75m and incredibly won 2 more individual medals when taking silver in the hurdles and bronze in the long jump with 3.46m. Bethann Beattie was unlucky to miss out in the shot put when placing 4th with 5.68m.

Lauren Kelly was in blistering form in the 60m sprint to take victory in her heat of the 60m in a time of 9.19 with Ruby Maher hot on her heels in 9.56. Lauren’s time was good enough to take gold with Ruby narrowly missing out on bronze by 0.11s when placing 4th.

Lauren led a clean sweep for the club in the 60m hurdles when taking victory ahead of Lola Whitney-Manager with Maeve Desbonnet taking the bronze. The club repeated this feat in the high jump with Lauren taking her third gold of the day and sharing the top spot with Reailtin Ward and Laoise Colleran with each jumper leaping a best of 1.25 and tying on countback for the gold, with Maeve Desbonnet just missing out when taking 4th place with 1.20.

Ella Whyte was unlucky in the long jump, leaping a massive jump on her first attempt which would have put her in the medals but unfortunately it was mistaken for a practice attempt and her best subsequent attempt was 3.39 just 7cm short of the podium places.

The U12 boys didn’t disappoint either with Halle Feerick putting in an incredible series of jumps in the high jump to clear 1.31 and claim the Galway title. Halle later added a bronze in the 60m sprint in a time of 9.47. Jack McNena took bronze in the long jump with a fine jump of 3.73m. Eric Daniels raced to gold in the 60m hurdles in an impressive 12.37 with Rian O’Donnell 4th in 12.83 while Cormac Burke took bronze in the shot in 6.56m.

The relays saw a breathtaking performance from 2 of our girls teams with Cerys Johnson, Laoise Colleran, Maeve Desbonnet and Ruby Maher racing to victory in a time of 60.59 and Lola-Whitney Mangan, Reailtin Ward, Ella Whyte and Lauren Kelly wining their heat and placing 4th by 0.04s in a time of 1.02.06. The team would surely have placed in the medals except that another club stepped into Ella’s lane for 30 metres and slowed Ella down. The boys raced to silver in their relay in a time of 61.94 with Rian O’Donnell, Conor Mannion, Erik Daniels and Jack McNena. Our remaining relays had solid performances too with Sophie Coen, Bethann Beattie, Laoise Corban and Ava Burke 5th in their heat in 1.04.34; Emma McGovern, Abbey Machaj, Grace McMahon and Lillie Mae Forde; and Sean Carr, Cormac Burke, Isaac White and Alfie Ryan 4th in the heat in 1:10.53.

There were fine performances also in the 60m sprint from Cerys Johnson 9.70, Jack McNena 9.44, Sophie Coen 9.89, Ella Whyte 10.03, Erik Daniels 10.05, Isaac White 10.58, Sean Carr 11.24; in the hurdles from Halle Feerick 13.44, Jack McNena 13.57 and Rhys Hennessy 14.56; in the 600m from Donagh Cullinane 1:59.73, Laoise Corban 2:03.74, Aaliyah Whiriskey 2:09.74, Amberly Finn 2:16.05, Rhys Hennessy 2:24.05 and Elise Hartmann 2:38.71; in the high jump from Cerys Johnson 1.15, Bethann Beattie 1.15, Sophie Coen 1.10, Cormac Burke 1.10, Ava Burke 1.05 and Erik Daniels 1.05; in the shot put from Laoise Colleran 5.11, Ruby Maher 5.06, Lillie May Forde 4.95, Maeve Desbonnet 4.57, Ella Whyte 4.33 and Grace McMahan 3.87; in the long jump from Erik Daniels 3.48, Donagh Cullinane 3.45, Rian O’Donnell 3.32, Aaliyah Whiriskey 3.31, Ava Burke 3.19, Cerys Johnson 3.17, Isaac White 3.15, Lillie May Forde 3.09, Laoise Corban 3.08, Sophie Mullane 3.07, Reailtin Ward 2.92, Grace McMahan 2.51, Amberly Finn 2.44 and Elise Hartmann 2.29; and in the javelin from Cormac Burke 14.12, Rhys Hennessy 14.05, Sean Carr 9.62 and Isaac White 9.48.

First event of the day for the U11s was the 600M with Orna Murray, Olivia Gorman, Aoife O’ Connell, Anna Kelly, Kaci Madden, Emma Mc Govern and Muireann Kelly taking part. All the girls ran brilliant despite the heat early on in the morning and achieved PBS. Muireann Kelly had a bad fall at the start, hurting her hand badly but still managed to pull through and claim Bronze (the hand turned out to be BROKEN!!) with Emma McGovern in the paired event.
In the boys 600M Conor Mannion and Jack Hibbit dominated placing first in second in the event overall and combined to win paired gold. Aaron Cummins and Dean Fahy took home the Silver in the paired event with superb runs in their heats.

The Turbo javelin event proving to be a popular with the U11s with Abbey Machaj, Isabel Maher, Emma Meehan, Anna Kelly, Robyn Dann Cooney, Orna Murray, Blanka Cygan and Cara Grealish all taking part and securing PBs on the day! Abbey Machaj took Gold and Isabel Maher took Bronze overall and took gold in the paired event. Anna Kelly and Robyn Dann Cooney were unlucky not to take bronze in the paired event.

Boys u11, Aaron Burke, Jamie Whelan, Dylan Doyle, Alfie Ryan and Sebastian Oancea took part and secured Pbs on the day. Aaron Burke dominated the competition to claim gold with a superb throw of 22M, with Sebastian and Aaron combining to take silver in the paired event. Alfie Ryan and Dylan Doyle narrowly missing out in the paired bronze medal.

In the 60m sprint Grace Glynn, Robyn Dann Cooney, Isabel Maher, Emily Burke, Abbey Machaj, Roisin Melia, Aoife O’ Connell, Blanka Cygan, Roise Beattie, Emma Mcgovern all took part and achieving PBs on the day. Abbey Machaj and Roisin Melia combined to win a paired bronze medal with fantastic sprints in their heat. In the Boys 60m, Matthew Drysdale, Taylor Flood, Jack Melia and Jamie Whealan all ran superb in the heats.

In the long Jump, Grace Glynn, Olivia Gorman, Róise Beattie, Emily Burke, Kaci Madden and Cara Grealish all took part with great jumps on the day.

Roise Beatty took Bronze overall with a jump of 3.32 and combined with Emily Burke to take Silver in the paired event with Emily Burkes jump of 3.15. Róise, Emily and Kaci Madden placed 3rd, 4th and 5th in the event overall.

Alfie Ryan, Dean Fahy, Sebastian Oancea, Taylor Flood, Dylan Doyle, Aaron Burke, Matthew Drysdale, Jack Melia,Conor Mannion, Jack Hibbit and Aaron Cummins all took part in the Boys u11 LJ. Conor Mannion and Jack Hibbit combined to take gold in the paired event, Conor was third overall and Jack 4th overall with massive jumps in a very competitive group. Aaron Cummins and Matthew Drysdale achieved PBs to take home bronze in the paired event.

In the Relays, Aaron Cummins, Taylor Flood, Jack Hibbit and Connor Mannion took Silver in an exciting u11 4 x 100m relay, being narrowly pipped for gold by 0.04 of a second by the established Tuam AC relay team.

Matthew Drysdale, Jack Melia, Dean Fahy and Aaron Burke ran strong in their heat and were pipped for third place in a competitive heat.

The girls U11 Relay team were strong in force with 3 teams entered and ran well in their heats. Roisin Melia, Aoife O connell, Anna Kelly and Emily Burke on team 1, Isabel Maher, Kaci Madden, Blanka Cygan and Grace Glynn on team 2 and Olivia Gorman, Abby Machaj, Orna Murray and Róise Beattie on team 3.

The U10’s shone in Dangan with brilliant results. A fantastic day out with loads of personal bests from our athletes, some which didn’t feature in the medals on this occasion all had lots of fun on a lovely day out. In the U10 girls 60m, there were some great runs by our 9 athletics and pb’s achieved. Ava McGlynn placed 5th and Sophia Doherty placed 7th, both winning a silver medal in the paired results. The U10 boys placed well in their sprint Sean Taylor 7th, Oran Gillespie 8th and Cathal Niland 12th. Sean and Oran won the bronze in the paired results.

There were some fantastic runs also in the 500m, where Ciara Ward won gold with a fine run of 1.42.6 and Olivia Rooney had a great run also winning her heat and coming 2nd overall with a time of 1.47.7. They both got gold in the paired results. There were 3 heats overall with great runs from all the athletics, in heat 1 Freya Wholihan came 6th and Sophia Doyle came 7th. Heat 2, Cara Mulally came 6th and Heat 3, Sarah Vaughan placed 5th and Aine Desbonnet placed 6th. There were 4 heats in the U10 boys 500m with fine runs from Noah Fahy coming 2nd in his heat at a time of 1.48 and Sean Taylor placing 5th in his heat at a time of 2.02.

Some big leaps from the U10 girls in the long jump with Sarah Vaughan leaping a fantastic 3.08 and Ava McGynn 2.96 both placed 4th in the paired results. Great jumps from Heidi Casserly at 2.65 and Sophia Doherty 2.51. The U10 boys had brilliant jumps with Oran Gillespie leaping 3.4 and Danny Kieran 3.21 both winning bronze in the paired results. Great jumps from Danny Mitchell leaping 2.88 and Cathal Niland leaping 2.6.

In the Turbo Javelin, Noah Fahy won gold with a brilliant throw of 10.77 and Danny Mitchell won bronze with his fine throw of 9.59. Fantastic result from both, winning gold in the pairings.

In the relays, the U10 Girls team of Emma Mannion, Ciara Ward, Oliva Rooney, Ava McGlynn, Freya Wholihan won bronze with a fantastic run of 1.09. It was a thrilling 2 heat race with fantastic runs from Sophia Doyle, Heidi Casserly, Sarah Vaughan and Freya Wholihan with a time of 1.14 and the team of Sophia Doherty, Aine Desbonnet, Cara Mulally and Ailbhe Kearney running a great run of 1.20. Brilliant runs from all the Craughwell teams. The U10 boys relay team of Sean Taylor, Noah Fahy, Cathal Niland and Danny Mitchell had a great run placing 4th overall at a time of 1.07 and coming 2nd in their heat, narrowly missing out on a medal, great running from all the boys.
A first day out for many of our U9 athletes and a fantastic performance from all, with most athletes achieving a personal best and happy smiling faces all round.

Tess Healy and Ella Fahy combined for a brilliant silver in the 60m with Tess running 10.94 and Ella 11.15. Saorla Manning and Lily Hibbitt raced 11.25 and 11.27 to place 4th. Chloe Donohue 11.42 and Ailbhe Kearney 11.57 were 6th while Layla Whelan 11.80 and Asha Earls 12.20 were 8th, Sadie Lally 12.20 and Alexa Treacy 12.67 were 13th and Aisling Gorman 13.60 and Caoimhe Mulcair 14.46 were 14th. In the boys event Joe Whiriskey and Max O’Riordan were 5th in times of 10.93 and 11.30 with Cian Fallon and Robert Mahon 9th with times of 11.34 and 11.48, and Daniel Magarity and Aaron Coughlan 11th in 11.57 and 12.05; and Conor Goggin/Liam Cloonan 14th in 12.5/12,57.

The U9s dominated the long jumps with Emma Mannion taking individual gold with 2.98 and combining with Ailbhe Kearney with 2.68 to take the paired gold medal. Tess Healy 2.65 and Amelia Forde 2.53 narrowly missed out on bronze when placing 4th in the pairs. Saorla Manning and Layla Whelan were 5th with jumps of 2.48 and 2.40 while Sadie Lally 2.14, Anna Gibbons 2.00, Ella Fahy 1.84, Cody Cloonan 1.84, Casey Cloonan 1.75 and Caoimhe Mulcair 1.25 all jumped well. In the boys event, Cian Fallon and Oisin Phelan swept to victory in the paired event with jumps of 2.74 and 2.65 while Luke Melia and Liam O’Flynn took the bronze medals with leaps of 2.52 and 2.50. The rest of the boys also jumped very well with Joe Whiriskey 2.37, Liam Cloonan 2.16, Conor Goggin 1.81, Lughai Morrison 1.77 and Conor Keating 1.62.
Rosanna Burke won individual gold in the turbo javelin with a throw of 7.05m and partnered with Cody Cloonan to take the gold in the paired event with a combined 11.05m Aisling Gorman and Casey Cloonan took bronze in the paired event with 7.42m while Anna Gibbons threw 3.38m. Max O’Riordan took silver in the boys’ javelin with 5.19m and paired with Darragh O’Callaghan to take silver in the paired event with 9.72m. Aaron Coughlan placed 5th with 4.46m.

Emma Mannion placed 4th in the 300m with 1:02.04 and paired with Lily Hibbitt with 1:06.46 to claim the silver medals in the pairs. Rosanna Burke narrowly missed out on the team event with a time of 1:06.59. In the U9 Boys 300m there were also some fine performances which placed just outside the medals with Robert McMahon 1:02.32, Darragh O’Callaghan 2:02.77, Oisin Phelan 1:04.03, Cormac Kennelly 1:04.30, Daniel Magarity 1:05.87, Luke Melia 1:07.16 and Lughai Morrison 1:16.67.

In the relays, the boys team of Liam Cloonan, Joe Whiriskey, Cormac Kennelly and Darragh O’Callaghan won the bronze medal in 1:18.5. Luke Melia, Daniel Magarity, Oisin Phelan and Max O’Riordan delivered a strong performance finishing in 4th place in 1:18.8 while Conor Goggin, Robert McMahon, Cian Fallon and Aaron Coughlan placed 6th place in 1:20.6.

In the U9 Girls 4x100m, Ailbhe Kearney, Emma Mannion, Sadie Lally and Rosanna Burke raced to the bronze medal in a time of 1:17.02, while Alexa Treacy, Shauna Ward, Anna Gibbons and Lily Hibbitt placed 5th in 1:20.08 and Amelia Forde, Layla Whelan, Aisling Gorman and Caoimhe Mulcair placed 6th in 1:20.40 and Lucy McGovern, Ella Fahy, Asha Earls and Chloe Donoghue placed 8th in 1:25.30.

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