Great Limerick Run?

Great Limerick Run?

  Sunday last saw the inaugural running of the “Great Limerick Run” and not to put a total damper on it the organisers got a lot of things right. Some of our gang had a fantastic time and on the day in the marathon and half marathon, properly measured if unusual! Many of our club runners set new PB’s. Well done to all of you!

The weather conditions

were nice and even warm in the open sunshine around the various courses however there was a small issue was with the 10k…. sorry the 9.3k. !                         

 This is the run I took part in so it was particularly disappointing for me to find they didn’t measure it and the entry fee was not reflected in the organisation. It appeared as though they didn’t even think about it, short!!! (Cardinal sin), no k markers, running over pedestrian footbridges, up steps across grass, up kerbs and over verges, water in plastic cups!! (A pet hate of mine.) This would have been a nightmare for marathon runners; this can easily be resolved for next year organisers! Use the roads & get a water sponsor to supply or buy with the sizeable entry fee small bottles as D.C.M and Connemara always do! Why reinvent the wheel?                     

  In my opinion this showed it up to be solely a money making venture. It will be interesting to hear more feedback on this one.  

“Great Limerick Run” Not so “Great” for runners! 

Would I recommend it? NO!    Would I go back? NO!   

 The Last word on the 10 k: 

A Limer!!  

There once was a runner from Galway

Travelled to limerick for ten k

But when he had finished

His joy was diminished

Cos some prat frorgot to feckin measure it!  

(Poetic licence!!!) A little short of a limerick  

Club Results Below

Name RaceTime
Rena DeelyFull03:51:36
Mary LoughnaneFull04:28:26
Michael CarrFull04:28:26
John ConahanHalf01:52:46
Niamh CahalanHalf02:08:48
Tony Nevin10K00:37:33

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