Great Progress on New Facility!

Great Progress on New Facility!

Things are moving along at speed in regard to our ambitious facility plans to purchase and develop an 8-acre site adjacent to the school. Our recent EGM approved the addition of important clauses to allow the club to register as a tax-exempt sports body with the Revenue Commissions and to allow the club to appoint Trustees and to raise loans. At a meeting of the Executive Committee this week, the following five club members were selected as Trustees in order to buy/develop the land and take out loans for this purpose:- Michael Tobin, Mark Gillen, Martin Conneely, Marion McEvilly and Mike O’Connor.

The legal process to purchase the site is in progress and hopefully will be complete within 6 weeks. The school has given its permission for pedestrian access and gateway from the existing track which we hope to install immediately on purchase of the land. All going well, athletes will be running around the field by the middle of May! 

Fundraising for the project is going well but we still need your urgent assistance in this regard to complete the project’s funding requirements. We began our fund-raising campaign 7 weeks ago on 14 February and have made huge progress in a short-space of time. We still have a substantial amount to raise and we are appealing to parents and the community that if you are considering loans or donations, to let us know as soon as possible.

If you are happy to give a donation by sponsoring square metres on the new site, please fill out the attached form with the amount you wish to donate and bring it up to training on Tuesdays or Thursdays. It is also possible to support the project by setting up a monthly standing order to the club’s Credit Union account. If you are interested in this option, please text or email Michael Tobin at 087 6591879 or and I will email you with details of the club’s account.

We wish to thank parents and the community in advance for your support for the project. It’s an ambitious undertaking but a collective effort from everyone makes it possible to fund it. Its benefit to the club and the community will be immeasurable in the years ahead as it will provide the space to develop many facilities for members and the community to use on a regular basis.

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