Great results for Craughwell AC in Kilbeggan.

Great results for Craughwell AC in Kilbeggan.

Conditions on the day were remarkably good given recent events and that’s not to say this course was in any way easy,a very strong head wind and certain soft sections of the course were seriously challenging but despite the flooding and weather warnings the races went off without  much delay . Fair play to all who took part.I have to say it is an honour to experience a race of such an amazing standard 

Well Done to Rena Deely!

Silver lining!

Our only senior lady picked for the Galway team who won silver B at the inter county Cross Country yesterday.

Despite never competing at this level Rena ran a superb debut race. Rena told me shortly after the run” it was very tough” but that she” really enjoyed the experience”

We are very proud to see our ladies involved for the first time.

Congratulations Rena.


Also Very well done to the Galway men’s inter county team who took the B gold.  

Nice work from our own Martin Corcoran who ran a stormer as per usual 69th home & 4th county scorer. Well-done Martin. 

My man of the match on the day was Peter o Sullivan and now known as Goldie o’Sullivan  , 82nd home & sixth county scorer. Peter ran a magnificent race to earn the national accolade and he has really worked his socks off for this.

Congratulations to Peter, this is thoroughly deserved.

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