Handicap Chase 2009 – 87 of 85 CLOSED!

Handicap Chase 2009 – 87 of 85 CLOSED!

** UPDATE: Hi folks the entries are now closed.  I am just working now trying to figure out the handicaps, starting order, etc. Please log back on later on to see the list of entrants (waiting on an email with the last few names).**

Tony wins Race 2 in 07

Now that you have recovered from the Galway 5K series it's time for another bout of 3.1 mile action – but this time with a twist.  The staggered start of the handicap series gives everyone a chance of winning the race – let's see how good Gerry Ryan is when he's just starting as you enter your last kilometer!

Round 1: Friday June 19th 8:00 PM
Round 2: Friday June 26th 8:00 PM (I week later)
Round 3: Friday July 10th 8:00 PM (2 weeks later)
Round 4: Friday July 24th 8:00 PM (2 weeks later)

Send me a mail: if you are on the list and won't be able to do them
Send me a mail
: if you are available to help out at the finish line (let me know the date)
Send me a mail: if you are on the list below and your handicap is blank or way off (to help me assign a handicap).

About the Handicap Series:
These races are incredibly fun, and we plan to keep them as low-frills as possible so don't be expecting water tables, massage tents, videos, chutes, goody bags or any such fanciness.  This is a glorified training session and you have a road so count yourself lucky.!  We have a limit of 85 people.

If we get more than 85 entries preference will be given in the following order:

1. members of the club
2. people that have ran the series in the past
3. first come first served


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