Handicap Chase – Please register for Race 1

Handicap Chase – Please register for Race 1

Reminder: the first race is on this Friday June 15th – take a look at the below to see your start time, and come early if you haven't registered.  On the day registration will stop at 7:20.

There have been a steady trickle of registrations in the series so far.   Remember that since this is a handicap series, it will be VERY DIFFICULT for us to handle more than a few registrations on race day, so it would be great if you could let us know in advance if you plan on coming.

Currently registered people can be viewed here:


Please check it out to make sure I haven't missed you and mail me if your handicap seems screwy.

To register, please either reply to this post, or send an email to mark.davis2@gmail.com or simply call Mark at 087-6729214.   To help with the handicaps, indicate whether you have run a race recently, or give an estimate of your 5k time.  

Though we can't handle massive numbers, it would be great for the fun factor if we could get around 20 more people to take part to keep the finishes exciting. Click read more to view the course details.

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