Handicap Chase Week 2 Handicaps – Updated!

Handicap Chase Week 2 Handicaps – Updated!

A muggy forecast might make PB's difficult to reach but you never know – sure we're getting used to tropical weather at this stage.  If a big 5k pb is your goal don't forget to try out the Galway Track & Field Series in DANGAN on Thursday night where the track 5k will be held.  Last year I set a pb of almost 20 seconds on the track at this time of year. 

For those that are racing on Friday night, the Craughwell handicap 5k will be starting from 8 depending on your handicap.  The handicaps have been adjusted again and you can see your start time below.  Last weeks hare and series leader Patricia will have someone in her sights and will find it tougher to get a good position this time.  Others will find it easier as your pre-series handicaps have been adjusted according to last weeks performance.

For those that didn't get to register last week we will be at the hall from 7:15 and you can collect your number there or at the start line from 7:50 on.  Again we will have a bucket to collect series entry fees on behalf of the local Order Of Malta (mainly for new registers but we won't stop anyone dropping some dosh in).

Take a look below, note your starting time and see you there!


BibNameClubPBStart (mins past 8)
503Fionnuala FahyCraughwell34:1200:00
501Patricia WalsheCraughwell33:4000:30
504Sinead DalyCraughwell33:3900:30
505Chris MurrayCraughwell33:1700:45
502Maria McArdleCraughwell32:3001:45
511Catherine ClearyCraughwell31:1802:45
507Ursula WhiriskeyCraughwell31:0703:00
508Mary O'ReillyCraughwell30:2603:45
509Treasa Dooley Craughwell30:0804:00
510Helena GormonCraughwell30:0304:00
506Tara DalyCraughwell29:4204:30
512Helen Van De BeekCraughwell29:3604:30
516Maire DoyleCraughwell29:3104:30
517Aisling MurrayAthenry29:3704:30
515Noreena MurrayCraughwell29:0405:00
520Verena ComminsCraughwell29:1005:00
518Collette MolloyCraughwell29:0005:15
519Paula RooneyCraughwell29:0005:15
543Sheila ReillyLoughrea29:0005:15
523Celia MiskellaCraughwell28:2905:45
521Fiona DivineyCraughwell28:0606:00
526Stephen GlennonCraughwell28:0006:15
531Lucy CunninghamCraughwell28:0006:15
513Aine RooneyCraughwell27:4206:30
514Mary LoughnaneCraughwell27:4106:30
529Niamh CahalanCraughwell27:3906:30
530Grace SmythCraughwell27:3606:30
525Miriam McCartinCraughwell27:1806:45
528Valerie SlatteryCraughwell27:3006:45
522Michael CollinsUnatt27:0807:00
532Karen GuestCraughwell27:1507:00
533Helen NoonanCraughwell27:1307:00
534Cepta DalyCraughwell27:0407:00
524Maria AllenLoughrea26:5407:15
535Pauline BurkeCraughwell27:0007:15
536Keith DevanneCraughwell26:4707:15
527Sheila McInerneyLoughrea26:2407:45
538Edel GlennonCraughwell26:2007:45
539Paul O'DowdCraughwell26:1208:00
540Brenda GaughanCraughwell26:0808:00
541Dervilla DarcyCraughwell26:0008:15
542Betty ColemanCraughwell25:4808:15
537Brian McGeeCraughwell25:3008:45
544Brendan DaveyCraughwell25:2708:45
553Grainne BreenAthenry25:2508:45
545Maria HehirAthenry25:1509:00
546John ReidyCraughwell24:5709:15
547Muiriosa HolohanCraughwell24:5009:15
548Lorraine CravenCraughwell24:3209:30
549Reena DeelyCraughwell24:1809:45
552Siobhan GlynnCraughwell23:5810:15
554Sheila CannonCraughwell23:5810:15
556James CorbettAthenry23:5010:15
550Suzanne ColleranCraughwell23:4310:30
555Noel GormonCraughwell23:1511:00
570Maurice HeaddCraughwell22:4711:15
571Philip MagnierAthenry22:5711:15
558Gabriel GardinerCraughwell22:2911:45
559Michael Mc NamaraCraughwell22:2911:45
561Josephine GardinerCraughwell22:1811:45
557Kenneth BurkeCraughwell22:0212:00
562Al CallananCraughwell22:0412:00
647Johnny NevinCraughwell22:1112:00
560Tony FitzpatrickCraughwell21:5312:15
564Joseph CallananCraughwell21:4712:15
563William CannonCraughwell21:4412:30
567Patrick CosgroveCraughwell21:4212:30
568Sharon GilliganCraughwell21:2912:45
569Mickey GallagherCraughwell21:2812:45
566Diarmuid QuillCraughwell21:1113:00
565Pat ReidyCraughwell20:5613:15
648David PorterCraughwell21:0013:15
572John FlatteryCraughwell20:3413:30
573Kevin O CallaghanCraughwell20:1414:00
574James LundonAthenry20:0014:15
575Dave MeehanCraughwell19:4814:15
576Thomas PorterGCH19:2414:45
577Wally WalshCraughwell19:0815:00
579Mark BreenAthenry19:0915:00
578Noel BurkeCraughwell18:2415:45
580Peter O'SullivanCraughwell18:2915:45
582David ReillyLoughrea18:1915:45
581Tom NilandCraughwell18:0216:00
583Darragh O'BrienLoughrea18:0116:00
584Patrick HolohanCraughwell17:2416:45
585Johnny LaneCraughwell17:2616:45
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