Handicaps for Race3 of the Handicap Series

Handicaps for Race3 of the Handicap Series

This is a busy week in Galway road running.  As well as the highly anticipated first race in the Galway 5K series which is on in Athenry on Tursday evening, (http://www.athenryac.com for details) , Race 3 of the handicap series is due on Sunday morning, 14th May.  Though we encourage people to take part in both events, depending on your level of fitness it might be advisable to use one of the races as a training run if you are hoping to do both.  A 5k race sounds easy after all the 10k's you have been doing, but be warned that shorter races are often much tougher experiences due to the higher tempo!  Your legs will likely hurt more after a 5k than a 10k!

The Craughwell race on Sunday is the probably the better one to use as a training run, since it is a less competitive race.  If you have a target pace in mind, you can tell this to the man at the start and we will let you off earlier for your slower-paced run (give him plenty of notice!!).  Points gained in such a training run will not count towards prizes at the end of the series.

I say "man at the start", as unfortunately I will be away with work for 10 days starting Sunday and won't be available to admin the race.  If you aren't planning on running and are interested in helping out, could you get in touch with me (mark@craughwellac.com) or Michael (michael@craughwellac.com) so that we can allocate an admin job for you. 

The following tasks are involved in running a successful race:

  • Helping Mike to put up the k-markers and chute (7:15 AM Start)
  • Starting people off (ideally two people, 1 to organise runners and one to count them off)
  • Operating the timing watch at the end
  • Taking numbers at the end
  • Directing people into the chute at the end
  • Taking photos for the website at the end





Also, if you have a handicap > 1 hour and are not planning on running the next race could you let us know as this will make administration a bit easier for us (and give Michael an extra 30 minutes in bed!!!).

The handicaps for the next race are below.

Entry #Name CategoryClubEstimated TimeStart TimeClock Start
20Diane DundonFCraughwell01:30:0008:30:0000:00:00
21Marie CallananFCraughwell01:30:0008:30:0000:00:00
19Maria GaffneyFCraughwell01:25:0008:35:0000:05:00
29Nuala KeadyFCraughwell01:10:0008:50:0000:20:00
12Alison FinnFCraughwell01:02:0008:58:0000:28:00
25Mary PrendergastFCraughwell01:01:2008:58:4000:28:40
15Sharon RafteryFCraughwell00:59:4009:00:2000:30:20
38Deny JonesMCraughwell00:59:0009:01:0000:31:00
11Sinead DavisFCraughwell00:58:0009:02:0000:32:00
13Kathleen WatersFCraughwell00:57:4009:02:2000:32:20
24Helen ColemanFCraughwell00:55:4009:04:2000:34:20
16Noel GormanMCraughwell00:54:0009:06:0000:36:00
37Ian QuinnMCraughwell00:53:2009:06:4000:36:40
14Anne KellyFCraughwell00:51:2009:08:4000:38:40
39Noel CraughwellMCraughwell00:50:2009:09:4000:39:40
22Tony O'CallaghanMCraughwell00:50:0009:10:0000:40:00
26John RafteryMCraughwell00:48:2009:11:4000:41:40
4Bernie KellyFGCH00:48:0009:12:0000:42:00
18Tony FitzpatrickMCraughwell00:48:0009:12:0000:42:00
6Gabriel GardinerMCraughwell00:47:4009:12:2000:42:20
9Emmet FarrellMCraughwell00:47:0009:13:0000:43:00
28John RusheMCraughwell00:46:2009:13:4000:43:40
36Ann Marie Hynes-MiskellFGCH00:45:0009:15:0000:45:00
31Philip MagnierMAthenry00:44:0009:16:0000:46:00
23Tony NevinMCraughwell00:44:0009:16:0000:46:00
40Liam NolanMCraughwell00:42:4009:17:2000:47:20
17Gerry FaheyMCraughwell00:42:2009:17:4000:47:40
35James LundonMAthenry00:42:2009:17:4000:47:40
32Gerry MastersonMAthenry00:42:0009:18:0000:48:00
3Brian MurphyMCraughwell00:41:2009:18:4000:48:40
27John O'ConnorMAthenry00:41:2009:18:4000:48:40
7Josephine GardinerFMayo AC00:40:4009:19:2000:49:20
8Wally WalshMCraughwell00:40:2009:19:4000:49:40
5Alan BurkeMAthenry00:40:0009:20:0000:50:00
33Owen CurrenMAthenry00:39:4009:20:2000:50:20
10Darragh O'BrienMLoughrea00:37:2009:22:4000:52:40
2Michael TobinMCraughwell00:37:0009:23:0000:53:00
34Peter DelmerMAthenry00:36:2009:23:4000:53:40
41Mick RiceMAthenry00:36:0009:24:0000:54:00
1Mark DavisMCraughwell00:35:4009:24:2000:54:20
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