Holohan breaks wind in Galway Bay!

Holohan breaks wind in Galway Bay!


10 Days ago, the annual Galway Bay 10 was held and Craughwell had quite a few entrants. 

Apologies if I missed anyone, but the GB10 doesn't have a club on it's entry form or results. 

31748102:54:00Tony DaleyCraughwell
34678112:41:00JulieGallagher Craughwell
 602 DeirdreSmythCraughwell
 722 MajellaGilliganCraughwell

The conditions were atrocious on the day and times were well down throughout the field.  Despite this the course record was broken by Michael O'Connor, but this is just an indication of the excellent form that the national Marathon Champion is in as he gets ready to peak in time to defend his title in Dublin.

Fit4Life jedi-masters Patrick Holohan and Tony Nevin had particularly excellent runs, finishing in the top 10 and 15 of the 750+ strong field on the day.  I have no doubt that in better conditions they would have broken the hour.

Good Luck to Patrick and Jason!
This run was Patrick's swan-song, as he has just headed off to Kosovo with the Irish troops there.  He will be joined this week by clubmate Jason Broderick.  Rumor has it that there is an excellent running trail and a track near the camp and some top class Irish runners like Buckley and possibly Noel Kelly are going out there too so they will have some excellent training partners!  Expect a much improved Craughwell team in 6 months!!


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