Huge Medal Haul at Day 1 of the Connacht Indoor Track & Field

Huge Medal Haul at Day 1 of the Connacht Indoor Track & Field

Craughwell U14 Boys Squad

Craughwell AC athletes had an outstanding day at the Connacht Track & Field Indoor Championships which were held in Claremorris on Saturday, where the hurdles, shot putt, long jump and high jump took place with the remainder of the events to be held in 4 weeks time in Nenagh. A big congratulations to Claremorris AC for the fine training facility that they have constructed and which is the envy of every other club in Connacht.

The club dominated proceedings in Claremorris taking home over one-third of the silverware which was won on the day – 20 gold, 16 silver and 16 bronze. This compares very favourably with 2011 where the club won 23 gold, 29 silver and 22 bronze over the 2 days of competition – so with still another day to go, it looks to be a very promising indoor season.

It’s not all about winning however and in addition to the club’s achievements on the podium, we also had the largest number of participants at the event – accounting for almost one-third of the entries. And many of these athletes put in great performances in their events and were only a small % away from getting to the medal podium. Huge credit must go out to the coaches in the club because it is not easy to prepare such large numbers for competition.  

Cathriona Farrell led the way with double gold in the senior women’s high jump and long jump. Katie O’Donoghue also took double gold with a fine 1.55m in the U19 high jump and 8.22m in the shot putt – a feat repeated by Diarmuid Prendergast in the U17 boys’ high jump and shot putt. There were many other notable performances across all 4 athletics disciplines – most notably Dylan Finn’s 1.40m leap to win the U14 high jump, Aisling Keady-Cummins’ 1.40m and 4.33m jumps to take silver in both high jump and long jump, Sineád Treacy’s 4.54m jump to win the U16 girls long jump, Cian Waters victory in the U13 boys shot with a throw of 9.72m, Cathal O’Brien’s throw of 10.81m to win the U15 boys shot, Michael Hand’s victory in the U12 shot with 7.15m, Micheál McFadden’s victory in the U12 long jump with 3.92m and Aoife Walsh’s double silver in U13 long jump and high jump with leaps of 3.74m and 1.25m.

The high jump competitions proved to be a particular crowd pleaser in Claremorris. With the older girls in action first, there was huge interest from the crowd and plenty of 'oohs and aahs' as jumpers cleared or clipped bars. The U18 and 19 girls and senior women jumped together and in an event dominated by Craughwell there was some fine clearances which brought great reactions from the crowd. Cathriona Farrell was unlucky not to clear 1.70m and higher on this occasion, perhaps a little tired from the long jump an hour earlier. But it was great for the crowd and in particular for the younger Craughwell athletes to see an athlete of Cathriona's calibre in action. Katie O'Donoghue came real close to clearing 1.60m for the first time, while Maria McNamara drew some huge approval from the crowd with some excellent clearances. It was tough later in the day on our U12s with the bar starting at the National standard heights and several athletes who have great potential for high jump not recording a jump because the opening height was just that little bit tough.

The long jump provided some great competition also. Jumps were generally down a little on PBs – possibly due to the sensation of sprinting into a wall as the end wall was quite close to the end of the pit. Most improved jumper was Sineád Treacy who added a massive 49cm to her indoor PB from last year while Tara McNally also made a significant improvement adding 21cm to her PB to record a 4.48m jump despite being behind the board on each attempt. Claire Ryder recorded some good jumps also as did Cathriona Farrell and Maireád McCan with all 3 jumpers looked to have gone over the 5m mark if they had hit the board accurately. Sineád Gaffney was one of the few athletes who got a long jump PB with a new mark of 4.67m. 

In the hurdles and the shot putt, the club continues to make great progress with a number of medal winners across several age groups. Full details of the club's performances are as follows, with medal winners listed first.

U12 Girls High Jump 2 Clare Broderick 1.15; Long Jump 3 Siona Lawless 3.57; U12 Boys High Jump 3 Michael Hand 1.15; Long Jump 1 Micheál McFadden 3.92; Shot Putt 1 Michael Hand 7.15.

U13 Girls 60m Hurdles 3 Caoilin Milton 11.75; High Jump 2 Aoife Walsh 1.25; Long Jump 2 Aoife Walsh 3.74; U13 Boys 60m Hurdles 2 Cian Waters 10.75, 3 Daniel Callanan-Forde 11.03; High Jump 1 Jerry Keary 1.38; Long Jump 3 Daniel Callanan-Forde 4.14; Shot Putt 1 Cian Waters 9.72, 2 Mark O'Brien 9.08.

U14 Girls 60m Hurdles 2 Michelle Duggan 10.28, 3 Emma Gaffney 10.67; High Jump 2 Aisling Keady-Cummins 1.40, 3 Emma Gaffney 1.25; Long Jump 2 Aisling Keady-Cummins 4.33; Shot Putt 3 Eva Prendergast 7.83; U14 Boys High Jump 1 Dylan Finn 1.40, 3 Sam McArdle 1.35; Long Jump 3 Jim Crowley 4.32; Shot Putt 1 Sam McArdle 8.89.

U15 Girls Long Jump 2 Tara McNally 4.48; Shot Putt 3 Andrea Tobin 6.12; U15 Boys Long Jump 3 Matthew McKiernan 4.37; Shot Putt 1 Cathal O'Brien 10.81.

U16 Girls High Jump 1 Ellen Fitzpatrick 1.40; Long Jump 1 Sineád Treacy 4.54, 3 Ellen Fitzpatrick 4.11; U16 Boys 60m Hurdles 3 Damien O'Boyle 10.45; High Jump 2 Damien O'Boyle 1.55.

U17 Girls Long Jump 1 Claire Ryder 4.47; U17 Boys High Jump 1 Diarmuid Prendergast 1.55; Long Jump 2 Christopher O'Connor 4.52; Shot Putt 1 Diarmuid Prendergast 9.11.

U18 Girls High Jump 1 Maria McNamara 1.45, 2 Jessica Heneghan 1.40, 3 Sineád Gaffney 1.35; Long Jump 1 Maireád McCan 4.82, 2 Sineád Gaffney 4.67; Triple Jump 1 Melissa Mullins 9.10; Shot Putt 2 Melissa Mullins 7.44, 3 Maria McNamara 7.27.

U19 Girls High Jump 1 Katie O'Donoghue 1.55, 2 Orla Ryan 1.45; Shot Putt 1 Katie O'Donoghue 8.22.

Senior Women High Jump 1 Cathriona Farrell 1.65; Long Jump 1 Cathriona Farrell 4.81, 2 Ashley McDonnell 4.51; Shot Putt 1 Ashley McDonnell 5.72.



U12 Girls High Jump 4 Caoimhe Allen 1.05, NJ Leighla O'Boyle, Siona Lawless, Niamh Treacy, Grace Mortimer, Tara Stephens; Long Jump 9 Caoimhe Allen 3.32, 17 Tara Stephens 2.84, 19 Grace Mortimer 2.80, 20 Abigail McNally 2.69, 23 Leigha O'Boyle 2.48; Shot Putt 7 Tara Stephens 4.94, 10 Abigail McNally 4.02, 11 Clare Treacy 3.97, 12 Niamh Treacy 3.82; U12 Boys High Jump NJ Darren Lyons, Patrick Noonan, Darragh O'Connor; Long Jump 7 Conor Hughes 3.54, 8 David McDonnell 3.53, 15 Darragh O Connor 3.10, 18 Patrick Noonan 2.87; Shot Putt 5 David McDonnell 5.80.

U13 Girls High Jump 4 Ciana Reidy 1.10, NJ Caoilin Milton; Long Jump Ciana Reidy 3.50, 6 Caoilin Milton 3.49; U13 Boys 60m Hurdles 5 Jerry Keary 11.38, 6 Peter Martin 12.21, 9 Dean Callanan; High Jump 4 Peter Martin 1.20; Long Jump 5 Peter Martin 3.90, 6 Jerry Keary 3.88, 10 Mark O'Brien 3.02, 11 Brian Gillen 2.97, 13 Dean Callanan 2.87; Shot Putt 4 Brian Gillen 6.61. 

U14 Girls Long Jump 4 Emma Gaffney 3.96, 7 Michelle Duggan 3.88, 8 Erin Fitzpatrick 3.76, 11 Kate Gilligan 3.40, 13 Mary Dunphy 3.34, 14 Tara Hand 3.20; Shot Putt 5 Mary Dunphy 5.47, 6 Tara Hand 5.33; U14 Boys 60m Hurdles Ben Sharkey-Gerrard 11.42; High Jump 4 Jim Crowley 1.35, NJ Nathan Lynskey; Long Jump 5 Dylan Finn 4.22, 6 Nathan Lynskey 4.11, 8 Ben Sharkey-Gerrard 3.66, 11 Gearoid Treacy 3.20, 12 Cathal Murray 3.19, 13 Eoghan Dalton 3.00; Shot Putt 5 Nathan Lynskey 6.53, 6 Jack Scully 5.85.

U15 Girls Long Jump 15 Andrea Tobin 3.00; U15 Boys Long Jump 4 Jordan Connaughton 4.20.

U16 Boys Long Jump 5 Conor O'Donoghue 4.11.

U18 Girls Long Jump 4 Melissa Mullins 3.79; Shot Putt 4 Maireád McCan 6.92.

Full results can be found here.

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