Join in the fun at the 8km Charity Castledaly Run/Walk

Join in the fun at the 8km Charity Castledaly Run/Walk

Read on for details of a deserving charity who are in their 2nd year of running their race in our neighbouring parish of St. Thomas's. The race organisers ran a very successful event last year which was well received by all the participants. This year they are hoping to make it even bigger and better and are arranging hot food at the end of the race and a medal of acheivement to all who take part. Read on for the press release providing more information on the event and the APA charity.


APA is a charitable organization 100% committed to “fighting AID’s with the People of Africa”. APA’s focus in Ireland is to break through the silence on the AIDS pandemic, to raise awareness amongst the public, government and EU nations to this human tragedy.

APA is appealing to every individual, religious leaders, educational institutions, corporate, media, the entertainment and sports worlds, and government to act responsibly now. To try to unite to launch a massive humanitarian and just response to this single most devastating human disaster of our era.

APA’s HIV/AIDS prevention and care projects in Ethiopia and Tanzania are providing leadership skills development, training of women, youth, teachers, medical and agricultural personnel.APA is strong on Advocacy for the most vulnerable especially women, children and those living with AIDS. The charity reunites 100’s of orphaned children with their families and relatives as well as providing medicines and protective materials for local health institutions for opportunistic infections and medical kits to assist if an individual is HIV/AIDS positive. It trains 1000’s of counsellors to provide support and care for those who discover they are HIV/AIDS positive and for children who have become homeless and orphaned by the AIDS pandemic. See for more info on the charity.

Charity Fun Run/ Walk on Sept 11th at 5pm in the evening

The APA fundraiser committee has come together to organise the 2nd APA 8km Charity Run/ Walk in support of APA’s work on the field. The run/walk commences at St. Thomas GAA club in Castledaly, Gort, Co. Galway at 5pm in the evening. The route itself is both flat with a few rolling hills along the way. The scenery along the way is beautiful passing traditional Round towers, old castle ruins, and farm and wood lands. Everyone who completes the charity run/walk will be given a medal of achievement and a hot meal at the end of the race.  Come out and support this charity event for the hour or two you give so generosity by turning up and partaking will save many children’s lives in Africa.

Thank you for your support. Please check out our face book page “Castledaly 8k charity run/walk”Directions given on request: please email Marguerite Brady on

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