Juvenile Membership Renewal and Track Update

Juvenile Membership Renewal and Track Update

Juvenile membership for those on a September renewal cycle is now open, i.e. for those renewing Sept 2021 to Aug 2022. Approximately half the members go by that renewal date as it lines up with the return of schools. You can renew via our clubforce page.

It’s vitally important for the club to collect the renewals during the month as it’s a huge part of funding the club, including the ongoing facility development and loan repayments on same. If you are not sure whether you are due for renewal, please check with your training group coordinator.

Construction work on the new 400m track is going very well with the heavy construction groundworks completed a few weeks ago and the tarmacadem layer due to go down during September. The tartan rubber finish will go down next summer subject to grants and further fundraising.

The club is still actively seeking support via parents’ loans and donations. We are almost at our full borrowing capacity but are still seeking a small amount of loans. If interested, please read the original article and document posted in May outlining the financial side of things for both loans and donations. In regard to donations, the club can claim tax relief next year on any donation exceeding €250 this year – so it’s a very beneficial way of raising money as we get not just your donation but also the tax you would have paid on that income.

The tarmac layer is scheduled to start on 20th September so by the end of this month, this phase of the project will be complete and we will be able to use the tarmac during the winter months. We have applied for a grant under this year’s Sports Capital Program towards the tartan rubber layer and will also need to do some further fund-raising – hopefully next summer we will have a finished tartan athletics track for use by all our athletes.

It is incredible what can be achieved when everyone pulls together on a project … the club embarked on the project 7 years ago with the purchase of the 8-acres in Sept 2014 and has made remarkable progress in the intervening years. Please keep the support coming and we will all share a facility that will be the envy of athletes all over the country.

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