Launch of Craughwell AC Facility Development

Launch of Craughwell AC Facility Development


Craughwell AC has run out of space for its juvenile membership!!! Read on for how we are going to fix it!



Juvenile membership of the club has exploded in recent years so much so that the club is almost at the point of being unable to take on new members. At the end of 2013, the club had over 500 registered juveniles – the 3rd largest in the country.

The club has 2 choices:-

  • Do nothing about it!
  • Buy more space!

There was a great quote in one of Friday’s papers ‘If you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got.‘ So the club has decided to do something radical to fix this – to purchase an 8 acre site adjoining its existing training grounds at Craughwell NS.


Craughwell AC’s New 8-Acre Campus!

Due to its location, the land will be brought into use almost immediately with the installation of a pedestrian gate from the school grounds. This is a very exciting time for the club and gives the club the platform to build on the fantastic enthusiasm and dedication of its coaches and the enormous talent and interest levels amongst our athletes.

There is one small dilemma – we need to do a lot of fund-raising. To this end we have launched a number of initiatives:

  • Opportunity for members to become Patrons of the Club
  • Raising small loans from members
  • An online crowd-funding appeal
  • Regular weekly collection of recycled clothes and loose coins

The club is emailing and writing to its current and former members in this regard and is appealing to relatives, friends and neighbours and to the wider athletics community for financial support. It is hoped to have completed the funding of this by March-April timeframe and bring the grounds into use during April.

The club has launched a crowd-funding appeal at:

to help raise funds from the wider community. We would like you to promote this on Facebook with your relatives and friends and to email out the link to all of your email contacts. We will also promote it with athletic clubs nationwide. With 300 families in the club, if we all reached out to 10 people around the globe, we’d get 3000 contributions of €10 or more!

The club is also launching a weekly clothes recycling and loose coins collection as depicted below. BUt the major part of the fund-raising campaign is via patronage of the club or members loans. A propectus on this has been sent to all members and a seperate document detailing the financials of phase 1 is available on request from either Mark Gillen or Michael Tobin.

The following outlines how the overal project will evolve:-

  • 2014 – Buy the field
    • Fence it.
    • Access gate from school.
    • Extra lights.
  • 2014 – Some basic outdoor development
    • Develop another long jump.
    • Incorporate pole vault into it.
    • Develop 800m grass loop.
    • Level out a grass sprinting area.
    • Development high jump area.
  • 2017 – Addition of indoor building
    • Clear a lot of debt before this phase
    • Entrance roadway
    • 200 car parking spaces
    • Multi-purpose indoor court 20x40m.
    • Caters for a variety of sports.
    • Indoor high jump, long jump and pole vault.
    • Indoor throwing area.
    • Indoor sprint lanes.
    • Indoor 200m 2-lane tartan track.
  • 2022 – Completion of indoor building
    • Clear a lot of debt before this phase
    • Community gymnasium
    • Changing rooms and toilets
    • Physio rooms
    • Aerobics rooms
  • 2030 – Addition of 400m IAAF outdoor track
    • Income from building will pay for it

 The indoor building will cater for all of the club’s training needs and will look something like:-



The following depicts the weekly fund-raising activities at the astroturf which basically involve you getting rid of stuff that you don’t need! We need your loose change and your old clothes. We are hoping that you can bring 50 cents of loose change each week and bring 4 bags of clothes throughout the year. If all 300 families hit this target, we’d raise an amazing €12,000 per year.


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