Laura claims National Pentathlon Title!

Laura claims National Pentathlon Title!

Laura Cunningham (Pres Athenry)
National Senior Champion at Irish Schools Combined Events held in Athlone IT

Laura Cunningham wrapped up an outstanding 12 years of juvenile athletics when taking the National title in the Senior Girls Pentathlon at the Irish Schools Combined Events Championships held in Athlone IT at the weekend. Laura’s cleared 1.50m in the high jump, raced to a 10.40s PB in the 2’9” 60m hurdles, heaved the 4kg shot putt out to 7.93m, leaped 4.78m to win the long jump and claimed the National title with a fine PB of 2:43.24 in the final event of the day the 800m. It caps a glittering juvenile career for Laura which included an Irish vest in the Celtic Games in 2017, numerous National podium finishes in long jump, high jump, triple jump, pentathlon and relays as well as 3 National titles in the triple jump and countless Galway and Connacht titles in a range of disciplines.


In the youngest age group in action (Minor Girls) at the National Combined Events, Saoirse Moore and Siofra Davis also put in tremendous performances that augur very well for the future with Saoirse placed 8th with 10.09 (60m hurdles PB), 1.47 (high jump), 7.16 (shot putt), 3.83 (long jump) and 2.35.34 (800m PB) and Siofra 12th with 10.23 (60m hurdles PB), 1.47 (high jump PB), 5.28 (shot putt), 4.30 (long jump PB) and 2.41.26 (800m PB).


A week earlier at the Connacht Combined Events Championships also held in Athlone, several athletes featured in the top 4 including:

  • Laura Cunningham taking the Senior Girls title with scores of 4.79 (long jump), 11.16 (60m hurdles), 1.50 (high jump), 7.20 (shot putt) and 2.52.20 (800m)
  • Luke Evans (St Raphael’s) taking the silver medal in the Senior Boys category with scores of 11.65 (60m hurdles), 6.94 (shot putt), 25.03 (200m), 4.91 (long jump) and 2.07.88 (800m)
  • Ellie Cronin (Pres Athenry) taking the bronze medal in the Intermediate Girls category with 4.65 (long jump), 10.04 (60m hurdles), 1.55 (high jump), 7.59 (shot putt) and 2.42.27 (800m)
  • Ryan Gallagher (St Raphael’s) placed 4th in the Intermediate Boys category with 9.69 (60m hurdles), 8.63 (shot putt), 25.02 (200m), 5.51 (long jump) and 2.41.97 (800m)
  • Saoirse Moore (Colaiste Iognaid) taking the Connacht title in the Minor Girls category with 4.01 (long jump), 10.27 (60m hurdles), 1.45 (high jump), 7.74 (shot putt) and 2.42.23 (800m)
  • Siofra Davis (Pres Athenry) taking bronze in the same category with scores of 4.20 (long jump), 10.34 (60m hurdles), 1.40 (high jump), 5.79 (shot putt) and 2.48.97 (800m). 

There were many more fine performances as follows, in particular a blistering 2:27.12 by Fauve Aylmer in the 800m:

Minor Boys

  • 7th Evan Hallinan (Pres Athenry) 10.31 (60m hurdles), 4.36 (long jump), 29.07 (200m), 6.84 (shot putt) and 2.44.11 (800m)
  • 9th Lukas Schukat (Pres Athenry) 10.90 (60m hurdles), 4.63 (long jump), 29.36 (200m), 6.85 (shot putt) and 3.00.93 (800m)

Minor Girls

  • 8th Chloe Hallinan (Pres Athenry) 4.18 (long jump), 10.29 (60m hurdles), 1.30 (high jump), 5.08 (shot putt), 3.01.08 (800m)
  • 9th Jade Moorhead (Pres Athenry) 3.83 (long jump), 11.24 (60m hurdles), 1.45 (high jump), 5.28 (shot putt), 3.01.08 (800m)
  • 11th Fauve Aylmer (St Raphaels) 3.79 (long jump), 12.54 (60m hurdles), 1.25 (high jump), 5.02 (shot putt), 2.27.12 (800m)
  • 13th Clodagh O’ Meara (St Raphaels) 3.31 (long jump), 11.15 (60m hurdles), 1.20 (high jump), 5.02 (shot putt), 2.39.43 (800m)
  • 18th Erin Kelly (Pres Athenry) 3.90 (long jump), 12.73 (60m hurdles), 1.35 (high jump), 4.87 (shot putt), 2.58.09 (800m)
  • 21st Aoibhe Fahy (St Raphaels) 3.66 (long jump), 12.68 (60m hurdles), 1.15 (high jump), 7.19 (shot putt), 3.10.71 (800m)
  • 24th Tara Morgan (St Raphaels) 3.26 (long jump), 12.71 (60m hurdles), 1.15 (high jump), 5.16 (shot putt), 3.10.86 (800m)

Junior Girls

  • 5th Ava Finn (Pres Athenry) 4.48 (long jump), 12.11 (60m hurdles), 1.45 (high jump), 7.28 (shot putt), 3.11.74 (800m)
  • 9th Lauren McNally (St Brigids) 2.80 (long jump), 13.31 (60m hurdles), 1.40 (high jump), 6.24 (shot putt), 2.54.20 (800m)

Junior Boys

  • 6th Luaghaidh Morgan (St Raphaels) 9.97 (60m hurdles), 6.95 (shot putt), 26.69 (200m), 4.71 (long jump), 2.49.42 (800m)

Intermediate Girls

  • 7th Alisha Larkin (St Raphaels) 4.44 (long jump), 10.86 (60m hurdles), 1.30 (high jump), 5.94 (shot putt), 3.12.74 (800m)

Intermediate Boys

  • 8thPaschal Walsh (Pres Athenry) 11.88 (60m hurdles), 6.35 (shot putt), 25.83 (200m), 4.69 (long jump), 2.24.09 (800m)
  • 9th Oisin Davis (Pres Athenry) 12.37 (60m hurdles), 6.92 (shot putt), 26.70 (200m), 4.38 (long jump), 2.19.01 (800m)
  • 11th Kyle Moorhead (Pres Athenry) 13.75 (60m hurdles), 6.62 (shot putt), 25.78 (200m), 3.91 (long jump), 2.15.91 (800m)
  • 14th James Furey (Pres Athenry) 11.73 (60m hurdles), 5.95 (shot putt), 27.79 (200m), 4.31 (long jump), 2.43.99 (800m)
 ava.lauren2018 10 05 15.08.23

     Ava Finn, Lauren McNally, Ellie Cronin and Laura Cunningham
at the Connacht Schools Combined Events Championships in Athlone IT

2018 10 05 13.33.58

Some of the club’s Minor Girls in St Raphaels at the Connacht Combined Events Championships

Paschal Walsh, James Furey and Oisin Davis
at the Connacht Schools Combined Events Championships in Athlone IT

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