Little Athletics for children born in 2018

Little Athletics for children born in 2018

Craughwell AC’s newest age group for children born in 2018 is commencing at the athletics track. Athletics is highly regarded as an ideal introduction to all sports due to its focus on the fundamental movement skills of running, jumping and throwing.

Please contact Aíne at the above number if interesting in your child joining. Aíne will also need help from parents in running the group so please volunteer if you can as we need a high supervisor-child ratio for this age group and the size of the group will be restricted by the number of volunteers.

The club will provide training for volunteers as the year progresses. No prior knowledge is required.

It is important to recruit you the parents in as helpers as the reality is that until the kids are much older, training sessions are mainly ran by their parents with the help of an existing coach to get started. The more that volunteer, the easier it becomes to run the sessions and the more enjoyable they are for both the children and the coaches.

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