Little Athletics for Junior Infants

Little Athletics for Junior Infants

A new Little Athletics session is commencing for children currently in Junior Infants, at 5.30pm on Tuesdays at Craughwell Astroturf.

It will start on Tuesday 7th May (5.30pm to 6.30pm) and run for the 8 weeks of May and June. The cost is €25 per child for the 2 months. The session will be coordinated by Mark Gillen (086 816 2637) but we will need help from parents of children joining the group to run it.

If we can enlist sufficient assistance from parents during these 8 weeks, we will then be able to continue running it in September 2019 onwards. Unfortunately if we don’t get enough new parents to help, we won’t be able to do it in September as our coaches are already maxed out in other training sessions.

The club will organise training for new parents so that you are comfortable with the knowledge, but initially its mostly a supervision task as other coaches will be helping.

Note this session is only for junior infants – there are other sessions for older kids as follows:-

  • 5.30pm Thursdays senior infants and first class (i.e. U8s and U9s)
  • 5.30pm Wednesdays second class (i.e. U10s)
  • 6.30pm Tues/Thurs U11s
  • 6.30pm Tues/Thurs U12s

etc. … see for details of older groups

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