Little Athletics for Senior Infants

Little Athletics for Senior Infants

Craughwell Athletic Club are starting a new training group for children in Senior Infants class. The training will be at 5.30-6.30pm on Wednesday evenings at the Astroturf. It is hoped to commence on Wednesday 14th September.

The session will be coordinated by Mark Gillen who is our Club Development Officer. But we need help from parents of children in this age group to get involved in the coaching. The club will provide training for new coaches but initially it is really very simple fun and games with the gradual introduction of athletics.

The session will be known as Little Athletics. It will be structured around games-based activities that teach the children fundamental coordination movements for running, jumping and throwing that are essential for all sports and many other activities. Athletics is widely regarded as the ideal introductory sport for small children because it is so varied and focuses on movement and coordination. It is also a great start to building a regular habit of exercise for children in an environment where the emphasis is on participation as well as self-improvement.

Parents, please don’t be daunted by getting involved – it’s easy and is an incredibly rewarding volunteer activity, seeing the kids you coach learn new skills, making friends, having fun and enjoying participating in competitions. If interested in helping, please contact Mark at 086 8162637 or

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