Longford Half Results & Reports(updated)

Longford Half Results & Reports(updated)

There were some great proformances in the longford half marathon last sunday .Well done to all and especially our Fit4lifer who have never attempted this distance before,13 .1 miles is a great stepping stone to the marathon and all came through with flying colours.

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Results & race reports are below

572061janereeves 01:55:43
682082RenaDeely 01:57:06
952024brendagaughan 02:03:18
1002084bettycoleman 02:04:34
1022085CeptaDaley 02:05:20
1032059ValerieSlattery 02:05:42
1062005Mary Loughnane 02:05:43
1112006JulieGallagher 02:07:49
1132344edelryan 02:08:28
1412058Helenvan de Beek 02:26:49
1422086NoreenaMorrissey 02:26:49




Longford 1/2
on the 30/aug 2009 myself and a few ladys travled by bus to longford to take part in a half marathon.
when we got there we all went in to register,then we picked up our t shirts and bags.
we all headed of to the start line the bell went our half marathon began, we where doing fine up
till the eight and ninth mile did i started to get very tired ,but we continued to run on.It was raining for most of it
but it keep us cool most of the time.as i was coming up to the finish line i was helped on by
the cheers of craughwell fit 4 life .I found i completed the run then with ease and i was dilighted with
myself as it was such a great achivement for me. longford marathon was such a friendly marathon.
thanks to craughwell fit for life with the training .we all went on the bus again headed home ,westopped
on the way for much needed refreshments.
        noreena morrissey        



Half Marathon – Longford 

Up early (5.45), too early to eat breakfast, so I decided to bring it with me on the bus.  Jane and Brenda call to pick me up, still too early, need another cup of tea in order to function for the day.  We arrive at the hall and chat to Helen and Val, they have Noreena hidden in the back of the car with blacked out windows – very strange.  The rest of the gang Cepta, Betty and Mary arrive and we pile into the bus. Next stop Loughrea for Rena and then onto Longford.  I keep telling the girls, I have looked up the weather forecast for Longford and it said no rain until 8pm so we are ok.  Don’t know what website I got that on but it was wrong, rained most of the day, maybe there’s a Longford in USA or Australia!


When we arrive at St Mel’s College, we collect our numbers and goody bags and back to the bus again to get ready. Everyone is in and out of the bus going to the toilet for the next hour.


I spot a man we were chatting to at Claregalway 10K and he tells us it’s a flat route with no hills – Yes that’s great news.  Time to make our way down to the start but I decide to go in the queue for the toilets.  One of the girls shouts “Julie what are you doing in the queue for the toilet again”, a few heads turn and smile, I thought to myself could you shout it any louder I don’t think the people at the start line can hear you.


We jog to start and do a few strides and stretches and get ready for action.  Race starts and also the mist. Val, Betty and I start off together; we do a lap of town and run past start line again and then head out around the town.  After a while mist turns into rain and I get reminded about the weather forecast, it’s hard to keep them all happy.


A dog joins in the half marathon around mile 2 – 3, I kept thinking the lucky fecker he had 4 legs, I only have 2, so it obvious he is going to run faster than me and get a better time!! I was told he ran most of the route, well done to the dog. 


Around mile 8/9 hills appear out of nowhere, I am thinking somebody is winding me up. I will have to look up a dictionary and find the definition of a hill.  I am now trying to ignore the riot that is going on in my stomach and as for the shoulder, if I could only find the switch and turn it off I’d be happy.  At mile 9 there is no chance of me taking the gel I have stuffed down my shorts, can’t risk getting sick or looking for a toilet.  The route brings us down a road 200 metres and back up again, I told Val I was going to cheat and just cut across the road but she says I would only feel guilty later (I don’t think so, I don’t do guilt).  In the end I decide to follow her against my better judgment or I will never hear the end of it.


Another bend and another hill, Val shouts “come on Julie” as she powers up “the hill”, I know what I really wanted to say to her (feck off) but I am going to keep my mouth shut and save my energy.  I keep thinking she must be on something because of the speed she took the hill. By mile 11 I am beginning to really slow down, my legs and hands begin to shake I am so cold. I’m delighted to see a girl pass me out so I try to stay behind her at the same pace. Eventually we end up running the last mile together and chatting which is great. All I want to do is finish and put on some dry clothes. I see a photographer trying to take photos of us as we pass and I can’t wait to see that photo of me looking like a drowned rat that been run over by a bus – brilliant.


It’s great to see Jane and Rena cheering me on as the finish line is in sight, I hear my chip beeping and now I can stop, Thank God.  I sat down beside Brenda to get my chip off, catch my breath and up again (no rest for the wicked) to cheer on the remainder of the Craughwell gang. 


It was a great day, everyone achieved their goals, supported each other and had a laugh, what more could you ask for. Actually I want to know, who eat 7 of my Jaffa cake biscuits on the way home and that was after we stopped for a meal? We also have souvenirs from our day out, not only the medal and tee shirt but chaffing and blisters……….

Julie Gallagher




Little did I know back in February, when I joined Fit4Life in Craughwell, that I would run a half marathon six months later … or 13.1 miles of torture.


I remember those first evenings running the 14 laps around the track in a bid to get my fitness level up to a decent standard.It had been a decade since I ran my last half marathon in the Phoenix Park and the fact that I was 10 years younger made it a whole lot easier back then. However, having got married in January, it was time to set new goals. Over the years, I had continued to run various events, butI wanted to set the bar a little higher now.


So, there I was, back in February, meeting new people and new neighbours, people who were to become so important in helping me fulfil my goals. Week after week, they spurred me on. I could feel myself getting fitter and fitter, shedding those few extra pounds from the honeymoon. As my times got better, confidence grew. I ran in the 5km series around Galway, which was so much fun, while also running the ladies mini marathon in Dublin and the Streets of Galway 8km in May and August respectively.


The next step, though, was the half marathon. After humming and hawing for several weeks, sitting on the sofa two weeks before the race I finally made up my mind to just go and do it. After all, I had most of the work done and all I needed to do was push myself a little harder. So, I met up with Helen and Noreena on a Sunday morning and attempted the 10 mile run. Having completed that without too much of a struggle, I knew I would be able for the 13 miles. 


On the 30th of August, we headed for Longford. We parked in St. Mel's College and I subsequently must have queued for the port-a-loos at least three times!!! It was raining heavy, but it didn't dampen our spirits. Just after 11 o'clock, off we went. The event was so well organised, with water stations along the way and some enthusiastic support from the crowd. It was cute to see all the kids with their hands out, waving and giving high fives to the runners as they passed.


The first three miles were fine, ran at a steady pace. Miles three to 10 were also comfortable, however, miles 10 to 13 were a struggle. Maybe it was because I had not ran 10 mile plus distances in training. In any event, I struggled through it by equating those final miles to the circuit around Craughwell, that we did in training so often. Seeing that finish line was amazing and I felt I had really achieved something. Indeed, every time someone congratulated me, I couldn't help but smile broadly.


So, a big thank you to all at the club, especially those girls who text and rang me and encouraged me to come out running on those wet and windy 'Summer' evenings. Cheers guys. It just shows you — If I can do, anyone can do it … Promise.


Edel Ryan.



I’ll collect you at 6.15am Jane said. My heart sank. The bus is leaving craughwell at 6.45am. We’ll collect Julie. And so we did. It was a little, but necessary white lie to make sure we were all on time. And we were. Helen, Noreena, Valerie, Cepta, Mary, Julie, Jane, Betty, myself and Gerry the most patient bus driver in the world, headed for Longford at 7am collecting Rena on the way.    We had the usual craic on the bus, all in good spirits. Julie having her bran flakes on route, Mary with her pasta and Jane’s very wide selection of energy bars!We got to Longford in good time all falling quiet as we drove into Longford town assuring each other ‘its flat no hills, not like Connemara’. We registered. And then back to the bus to wait, eat and change. The time to the 11am start dragged but flew. Before we knew it we were at the start line, nervous and eager to get started. We bumped into a few girls from athenry, Brid Moran amongst them.‘5 minute milers to the front, yer man ‘said, ha-ha they are calling US we laughed, not! And then we were off. We circled the town. It started to rain a little from mile 2 to 4. Other runners were very supportive and encouraging.’ Dig deep’ I was advised as I shuffled up a hill around the 10/11 mile mark. I am, I thought, cos I really want to walk. It was a nice course, back roads, main roads, hills, flats and lots of water stations and good support. As I got to the finish line Jane and Rena who had both come in under 2 hours were already there. So they cheered us in, it was great. As we all came in we went back to the finish line to cheer each other in and Gerry the driver was there with our jackets. What an angel.

We stopped for dinner on the way home, thank you Siobhan and Mary for organising that. We were all very happy with our times and, planning our next day out?. Absolutely ………….Brenda Gaughan




Well it started out at the meeting point at 6.45 am at Craughwell Community Centre where 10 of us ladies hopped on the bus to Longford.  We were all buzzing with anticipation, and loads of mixed feelings on doing this half marathon, for most of us, this was our first big race and we were quite nervous.

We arrived at St. Mels in plenty of time before the race start, we collected our numbers and goodie bags completed with sweets etc, and Beverly hills tooth whitening toothpaste????(Don’t ask)


To the start line we went, and at 11.00 the race began.  We all took off at our own paces for the long haul ahead.  On around mile 2, the rain started and continued until around mile 7 when at that stage we were all so wet and cold.  The course was quite flat and we thought this is lovely, but of course there were a few challenging hills to make us slow down a bit.  A few walking steps were needed to finish one of the hills but we weren’t long getting back to our stride again.

Then at mile 9 some of us thought we were on mile 10 and that was just an awful feeling.  We continued at a steady pace but was getting harder and harder as the mileage went up.  We had a lovely mooing support at mile 11, when a field of cows mooed everyone, as they were passing, so funny.

We went back on the main road where the last 2 miles were nice and flat but seemed to go on forever, I never looked at my watch so many times, like that was going to make the road any shorter.


Then to the final mile where I found it quite hard as I had never ran this far before, then to make matters worse the full marathon winner zoomed passed us like he could do the run all over again.  The best part of the whole experience was turning that corner to see that finish line, wow it was an amazing feeling, ‘I ran 13 miles’, I was met with the shouting and roaring of the rest of the Fit 4 life ladies who had finished before me, I cannot describe how I felt as I crossed that line, I know it seems a small run to the elite athlete but to me it was a personal goal, as last St Stephen’s Day the challenge for me was 10km and here I was after finishing 13 miles.


Back to the bus for the analysis of the race, where we were all very happy with our overall results.  To Ballymahon for a lovely meal and then back on the bus home.  There were a lot of jaffa cakes going around but we won’t mention any names as to whom ate the most!!!!

Overall it was a great experience and who knows, maybe the big one might be my next goal, just watch this space!!!!

Helen van de Beek


  I Want to thank all the girls for a great day out, all I had to do is get on the bus in Loughrea, they had it all organized. I believe Mary may take over Julies job any day now! The Longford Half Marathon was harder than I expected, I wasn't expecting quiet so many hills and they were near the end when the legs were getting the worse for wear.  Jane stayed with me up to the mile 11, her company was fantastic but I kept telling her I didn’t want to hold her back.
The bus driver was the most patient man on earth; he will probably not answer his phone to us in the future! We used the bus as a canteen, changing room and his head must have been ringing listening to us!!
Can I just ask the question; where on earth does Julie Gallagher put all the food she stuffs herself with?? Ever time I looked at her she was eating! Good on whoever took her Jaffa Cakes, oh we love picking on you Julie!!
Chatting to Helen and Noreena on the way home they say they found it difficult but so had I (and a few or the others)  less than a year ago, they did brilliant. So many people in Craughwell AC have encouraged and helped me along, a warm thanks to everyone. 

Rena Deely.





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