Loughrea 5-miler Video

Loughrea 5-miler Video

The big-spenders over at Loughrea have published another professionally-produced video of their successful 5-mile race.  This also includes the large Juvenille race which was won in such dominant form by Craughwell AC's Linda Porter and Paul Joyce.

I think this is a really interesting video as it gives a rare opportunity to look at the front runners of a really high quality local race.  The interesting thing for me about it is that they all have such different styles – Rory Chesser looks strong enough to carry a bag of coal on his back without slowing down much, Gerry Ryan's short stride makes it look like he is running slow even though he is milling it.   Brian Farrell has a really impressive style though – he must be incredibly fit to run like that for 5 miles. 

The cameraman stops at the 1/2 way point so you ave a chance to compare your own style to the top guys – not a pretty comparison for most of us!

Head on over to the Loughrea webpage and check it out yourself:


Tip: If your internet connection is slow it takes a long time to load so the best way to load it is to click "Play", and then click pause.  Then go for a cup of tea and come back abd click play again afterwards

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