Loughrea weekend a HUGE Success as Peter runs stormer in Dublin

Loughrea weekend a HUGE Success as Peter runs stormer in Dublin

Peter on his way to an excellent 1:22

Davis clung on for dear life. He was glad of that drink he took at half way as his throat burned with thirst, the crowd yelling in his ears. "One last push and you're home" he thought as he made a burst up the hill, with Nevin breathing down his neck.   Finally with a last gasp kick he crossed the line, arms raised with relief and eyes welling up with pride.  Dazed he staggered up the chute as someone handed him a bag – excellent – crisps, a gold medal and wow a crazy frog sticker too! He turned around and congratulated his classmate Aoife Nevin close behind him, all smiles – what a race!

Much congratulations are due to the members of Loughrea AC who put on an exceptional weekend of athletics entertainment.  I made it to most of the seminar, and ran both the kids and the senior race and there was not a flaw to be found.  The seminar was excellent in my opinion even better than the one from last year despite the fact that attendance was lower.  James Nolan and Seamus Power are both personal heroes of mine so it was excellent to hear them tell honest stories of their training and give advice to the onlookers.  They are real contrasts – Nolan with his scientific methods and Power with his brutally hard-training old school approach.  Both waited around for the race itself on Sunday – Nolan coming up to myself and Jason the next day and chatting at length explaining more about his systems for pace calculation – while the great Power cheered the athletes from the 3 mile mark.  In addition to these two we of course had the great Olive Loughnane and top coach Rob Denmeade and sports psychologist Canice Kennedy.

The 5 mile race itself was my own first run back in many months so I was interested in seeing how much fitness I'd lost, but also focused on not injuring myself.  Johnny and Justin ran on ahead while Tony, Tommy and I formed a little Craughwell AC group that tried to help each other over the course.  I think it worked as we managed to pull enough of us home to take 2nd team prize.  It is a tough course and was as tough a race as I have ever ran!  It is a good sign that we can take a team prize while missing strong runners like Martin, Jason, Paddy and Peter among others!

The race results for the craughwell entrants are below:


200:28:42LANE, JohnnyCraughwell A CSenior Male23220
220:29:14NILAND, JustinCraughwell A CSenior Male26522
260:29:53NEVIN, TonyCraughwell A CSenior Male12426
290:29:56DAVIS, MarkCraughwell A CSenior Male28829
420:31:22NILAND, ThomasCraughwell A CSenior Male39542
540:33:04GARDINER, GabrielCraughwell A CVets Male Over4515354
550:33:11NOLAN, LiamCraughwell A CSenior Male39155
660:33:50QUILL, DiarmuidCraughwell A CVets Male Over 407966
950:35:18CALLANAN, JoeCraughwell A CVets Male Over4537197
1070:35:54FITZPATRICK, AnthonyCraughwell A CVets Male Over 40311109
1130:36:06MARTYN, JohnCraughwellVets Male Over 503115
1320:37:00CALLANAN, AlCraughwell A CVets Male Over 40369134
1370:37:19COSGROVE, PatrickCraughwell A CVets Male Over 40213139
1490:37:57NEVIN, JohnnyCraughwell A CVets Male Over45321151
1610:38:35HEADD, MauriceCraughwell A CSenior Male190163
1720:39:39RALSTON, SophieCraughwellJunior Female303174
1790:39:56CONAGHAN, JohnCraughwell A CVets Male Over 40121181
2340:43:18KELLY, PatrickCraughwell A CVets Male Over 50208236
2520:45:03RYAN, EdelCraughwell A CVets Female Over 35161254
2540:45:11NOONAN, HelenCraughwellVets Female Over 4540256
2670:46:26DEVANE, KeithCraughwell A CSenior Male93270
2720:47:04MCCARTIN, MiriamCraughwell A CVets Female Over 4072275
2730:47:10MISKELLA, CeliaCraughwell A CVets Female Over 4070276
2770:47:50DIVILEY, FionaCraughwell A CVets Female Over 3543280
2810:48:14NILAND, CarolineCraughwell A CSenior Female225284
2820:48:17MULKERRINS, BernieCraughwell A CVets Female Over 5071285
2890:48:44DOOLEY, TreasaCraughwell A CSenior Female377292
2920:48:55ROONEY, AineCraughwell A CVets Female Over 35167295
2940:49:02O'REILLY, MaryCraughwell A CVets Female Over 45168297
2980:49:16VAN DE BEEK, HelenCraughwellVets Female Over 35156301
2990:49:16FAHY, FionnualaCraughwell A CSenior Female31302
3170:51:36MCARDLE, MariaCraughwellVets Female Over 4546321
3330:55:24O'LEARY, KarenCraughwellSenior Female14338
3340:55:25MCDONAGH, RaymondCraughwellSenior Male15339

Full results can be seen here:


Special mention must go to Brendan Gallagher and Ronan Nevin of Craughwell AC who came first and 3rd respectively in the excellent Junior fun run. 

Adidas Dublin Half Marathon
Peter O'Sullivan ran a simply superb Dublin Half Marathon last weekend – finishing in 1:22 which bodes really well for his marathon attempt in 5 weeks.  This is a really great time on a very hard course.  I don't know if anyone else from the club ran this race but if so please post a comment. 

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