Mary Loughnane is Handicap Champion 2009

Mary Loughnane is Handicap Champion 2009

Sorry about the delay in getting these results up – I was away from the old computer for the last few days. 

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In total 37 athletes turned up on another miraculously fine evening.  Reacting well to the pressure of the final night, the running form was sensational on the night with an incredible 21setting PB's (considering for 5 people this was the first race that means 2 out of every 3 runners set a pb – amazing).  Race winners on the night were the Porter girls Laura and Linda who shook off some weary camogie legs to storm home well ahead of their predicted time in 24:09.  In second place on the night was Cepta Daly in a fine time of 25:56, followed closely by Mary Loughnane who managed a massive personal best of 25:33.

Fastest man on the night was the ever reliable Johnny Lane who cruised home in 17:01.

BibNameClubPosClock TimeReal Time
592Linda PorterCraughwell10:32:240:24:09
591Laura PorterCraughwell20:32:240:24:09
534Cepta DalyCraughwell30:32:560:25:56
514Mary LoughnaneCraughwell40:33:030:25:33
556James CorbettAthenry50:33:140:21:44
558Gabriel GardinerCraughwell60:33:160:19:16
580Peter O'SullivanCraughwell70:33:270:17:42
504Sinead DalyCraughwell80:33:290:32:59
555Noel GormonCraughwell90:33:350:22:50
505Chris MurrayCraughwell100:33:360:32:51
565Pat ReidyCraughwell110:33:370:20:22
532Karen GuestCraughwell120:33:390:26:39
648David PorterCraughwell130:33:420:19:42
566Diarmuid QuillCraughwell140:33:440:20:29
560Tony FitzpatrickCraughwell150:33:460:21:31
585Johnny LaneCraughwell160:33:460:17:01
515Noreena MurrayCraughwell170:33:540:28:39
584Patrick HolohanCraughwell180:33:570:17:27
564Joseph CallananCraughwell190:33:590:21:29
506Tara DalyCraughwell200:34:010:29:31
531Lucy CunninghamCraughwell210:34:020:27:47
513Aine RooneyCraughwell220:34:020:26:32
548Lorraine CravenCraughwell230:34:030:24:33
568Sharon GilliganCraughwell240:34:040:21:19
581Tom NilandCraughwell250:34:110:18:11
550Suzanne ColleranCraughwell260:34:110:23:41
508Mary O'ReillyCraughwell270:34:130:29:28
528Valerie SlatteryCraughwell280:34:140:26:44
563William CannonCraughwell290:34:150:21:30
536Keith DevanneCraughwell300:34:170:26:32
537Brian McGeeCraughwell310:34:200:25:35
557Kenneth BurkeCraughwell320:34:210:21:36
521Fiona DivineyCraughwell330:34:220:28:07
544Brendan DaveyCraughwell340:34:310:24:46
582David ReillyLoughrea350:34:320:18:32
547Muiriosa HolohanCraughwell360:34:370:22:37
517Aisling MurrayAthenry370:35:290:30:14

Series Results: Overal winner
The series was open to any athlete that completed 3 races or more and this was perhaps our most dramatic end yet.  Mary Loughnane's superb final night run was enough to topple long-standing league leader Aine Rooney from the top spot on the final night.  Aine ran very well herself on the final night – scoring a pb, but the entire field did so well that it wasn't enough for her on the night.

Another unexpected twist happened for third place as Gabriel Gardiner ran a huge huge PB of 19:16 to overhaul both Mary O'Reilly and Valerie Slattery for third place.  Huge congratulations to the winners this year who as you can see from the results definitely deserved it through their steady improvement over the 8 weeks.

1. Mary Loughnane (10 pts)
2. Aine Rooney (19 pts)
3. Gabriel Gardiner (21 pts)

Fastest Runners:
The fastest runner is given to the person who ran 3+ races that recorded the quickest time.  Often this is a walkover category as somone dominates from week to week and this was the case in the fastest female category which was won by a superb Sharon Gilligan who shaved 11 seconds off her PB throughout the series.  Sharon showed amazing consistency by recording her pb of 21:19 in each of her last two races.  Most of her finishes were within 3 seconds of each other!

This year there was a really interesting battle in the fastest male category, with David Reilly from Loughrea running nip and tuck with Peter O'Sullivan in all the races.  Coming into tonights final David had the edge with a 18:07pb that Peter knew he would have to beat.  I hope I didn't put David off before the race by mentioning that all prize winners would receive a Craughwell AC Singlet as well as a trophy! 

In any case Peter ran an absolute stormer – clocking a PB 17:42 to take the title and his second ever sub-18 minute 5k – both of which happened this week!

Well done to all athletes and see you again next year!

Thanks from Order of Malta
I presented the cash collected at series registration to Paraic McDonnell of the Order of Malta yesterday.  In total 237euro was collected.  Paraic was delighted at the surprise contribution from the club – thanks all of you for contributing to this worthy cause.

The final league table is below – in total 64 people took part in the series.  I highlighted the PB's in yellow so you can see just how well everyone ran on the last night!

BibNameClubPrev PBR1R2R3R4nracesPointsR1 TimeR2 TimeR3 TimeR4 Time
514Mary LoughnaneCraughwell0:29:52332444100:27:410:26:330:26:410:25:33
513Aine RooneyCraughwell0:29:53487224190:27:420:27:160:26:360:26:32
558Gabriel GardinerCraughwell0:22:29 1146321 0:20:280:20:060:19:16
508Mary O'ReillyCraughwell0:30:3622124274380:30:260:30:170:29:300:29:28
528Valerie SlatteryCraughwell0:27:4818139284400:27:300:27:180:26:420:26:44
580Peter O'SullivanCraughwell0:18:1132161874410:18:290:18:210:18:180:17:42
566Diarmuid QuillCraughwell0:21:46132015144420:21:110:21:110:20:510:20:29
556James CorbettAthenry0:23:003639254430:23:500:26:350:22:350:21:44
515Noreena MurrayCraughwell0:29:39152113174450:29:040:29:120:28:500:28:39
557Kenneth BurkeCraughwell0:22:4214248324460:22:020:22:140:21:230:21:36
565Pat ReidyCraughwell0:21:47930 113500:20:560:21:11 0:20:22
544Brendan DaveyCraughwell0:25:2726233344520:25:270:25:280:24:210:24:46
512Helen Van De BeekCraughwell0:29:5520726 3530:29:360:29:140:29:20 
521Fiona DivineyCraughwell0:28:49129 333540:28:060:27:50 0:28:07
505Chris MurrayCraughwell0:33:3819 28103570:33:17 0:33:400:32:51
568Sharon GilliganCraughwell0:21:30271719244600:21:290:21:220:21:190:21:19
564Joseph CallananCraughwell0:21:5825 17193610:21:47 0:21:410:21:29
504Sinead DalyCraughwell0:34:0021383384620:33:390:35:320:34:120:32:59
548Lorraine CravenCraughwell0:24:32 182123362 0:24:400:24:370:24:33
536Keith DevanneCraughwell0:26:44286 303640:26:470:26:23 0:26:32
550Suzanne ColleranCraughwell0:24:00241535264650:23:430:23:350:24:180:23:41
531Lucy CunninghamCraughwell0:27:333314 213680:28:000:27:48 0:27:47
582David ReillyLoughrea0:18:00341916354690:18:190:18:260:18:070:18:32
570Maurice HeaddCraughwell0:21:2239525 3690:22:470:22:130:22:11 
522Michael CollinsUnatt0:28:3762936 3710:27:080:27:240:28:40 
563William CannonCraughwell0:22:04171129294860:21:440:21:270:21:410:21:30
560Tony FitzpatrickCraughwell0:22:25163232154950:21:530:22:190:22:140:21:31
571Philip MagnierAthenry0:21:15423122 3950:22:570:23:150:22:54 
517Aisling MurrayAthenry0:29:30294373741070:29:370:28:570:30:260:30:14
585Johnny LaneCraughwell0:16:4138  1629990:17:26  0:17:01
584Patrick HolohanCraughwell0:17:24 27 182999 0:17:33 0:17:27
579Mark BreenAthenry0:18:153736  29990:19:090:20:29  
648David PorterCraughwell0:21:00  10132999  0:20:120:19:42
647Johnny NevinCraughwell0:21:463126  29990:22:110:22:17  
547Muiriosa HolohanCraughwell0:24:50  1362999  0:22:150:22:37
555Noel GormonCraughwell0:23:15  2792999  0:23:220:22:50
553Grainne BreenAthenry0:23:304325  29990:25:250:25:31  
537Brian McGeeCraughwell0:26:2810  3129990:25:30  0:25:35
527Sheila McInerneyLoughrea0:27:54810  29990:26:240:26:06  
524Maria AllenLoughrea0:28:20737  29990:26:540:28:23  
525Miriam McCartinCraughwell0:28:091133  29990:27:180:28:11  
520Verena ComminsCraughwell0:29:003034  29990:29:100:30:04  
506Tara DalyCraughwell0:31:275  2029990:29:42  0:29:31
502Maria McArdleCraughwell0:35:102 31 29990:32:30 0:32:42 
501Patricia WalsheCraughwell0:36:16135  29990:33:400:34:47  
503Fionnuala FahyCraughwell0:34:2723 20 29990:34:12 0:34:07 
592Linda PorterCraughwell    11999   0:24:09
591Laura PorterCraughwell    21999   0:24:09
583Darragh O'BrienLoughrea0:17:2441   19990:18:01   
581Tom NilandCraughwell0:18:02   251999   0:18:11
576Thomas PorterGCH0:19:24 28  1999 0:19:37  
569Mickey GallagherCraughwell0:21:28 2  1999 0:20:15  
574James LundonAthenry0:20:00  34 1999  0:20:28 
562Al CallananCraughwell0:22:04  5 1999  0:21:15 
554Sheila CannonCraughwell0:23:2735   19990:23:58   
549Reena DeelyCraughwell0:24:18  30 1999  0:24:41 
542Betty ColemanCraughwell0:25:48  6 1999  0:25:04 
534Cepta DalyCraughwell0:27:04   31999   0:25:56
532Karen GuestCraughwell0:27:15   121999   0:26:39
523Celia MiskellaCraughwell0:28:29  23 1999  0:28:25 
543Sheila ReillyLoughrea0:25:3044   19990:29:00   
509Treasa Dooley Craughwell0:30:08 22  1999 0:30:12  
511Catherine ClearyCraughwell0:30:0040   19990:31:18   

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