Massive progress on club facilities!

Massive progress on club facilities!

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The ongoing work to deliver state-of-the-art facilities is powering ahead at Craughwell AC Sports and Recreation Park. Following on from the recent opening of our new carpark, the work to install 8 new floodlights was completed last week and the facility now proudly boasts a total of 13 poles with 39 floodlights to light up the whole 8 acres. If you drive past along the Craughwell-Oranmore road between 10 and 11pm, you will see them on at the moment.

The next step of the work is to construct our tartan sprint and jump areas, a shot putt area and a javelin runway. This work will be commencing shortly and completed during August weather permitting. Between loans, grants and fundraising, we have been doing fantastic in raising over €210,000 already out of a €250,000 target but we still need to raise almost €40,000 in funds to complete this phase of the project.

We are appealing to our members and the community to support us by signing up for our club lotto at or by sponsoring some aspect of the development with a one-off donation or by installments. We are just launching the attached brochure on sponsorship options. If you have already sponsored us, we will be acknowledging that in the appropriate category from the attached options. Or if you would like to select an option and donate by installments, we would be delighted with that approach.

If you weight up the cost of a €50 donation vs other ways you spend €50, its money well spent!

  • 3 trips into training sessions in Dangan will cost more in fuel and wear/tear on the car than a €50 donation to the club.
  • A meal for two and a few drinks will cost more than a €50 donation to the club. Swap one night out a year for that donation and think of the health benefits that you get from access to a fully-lit 8-acre park for walking/jogging all year around.

So get behind us if you can on this and support the lotto or one of our sponsorship options in the attached. And remember if you have already sponsored us or if you want to donate further, we will acknowledge it in your selected option in the attached brochure.

We would also greatly appreciate if parents could consider any potential business sponsors that might be interested in supporting us and approach them on our behalf. The facility provides a solid advertising opportunity for businesses as well as supporting a very worthwhile cause. We will be getting some brochures printed that might be of help to parents in this regard.






Click on the picture for our

brochure on sponsorship options

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