Momentum Builds for World Record Attempt!

Momentum Builds for World Record Attempt!

As the momentum builds for our World Record Relay attempt at the end of this month, the latest membership numbers from Athletics Ireland confirm the club’s position as the largest juvenile club in the country with 495 members. The scale of its size is such that we have more juvenile members than 10 counties and of the 329 clubs in the country, it is more than twice the size of all bar 14 clubs. It is a huge vote of confidence in what the club is about with its emphasis on participation and improving each individual athlete to achieve their potential irrespective of what level that may be. 

All good news when the club is striving hard to develop its facilities. We have our Guinness World Record 12-hour relay attempt coming up on Sat 26th September in Dangan 9am-9pm and we are looking to athletes and families from all codes of sport and all ages to get involved and help us set a world record.

We need 2406 of you (!!) to run 100m with a baton in an average of less than 17.95 seconds in order to break the record. Don’t let the time scare you – if you haven’t a clue how fast that is, fit teenagers and young adults will be running it in 11 to 14 seconds. In fact, 9-year old boys and girls run their 4x100m relays in an average that is just faster than this. So we have plenty of scope to take slower times too in order to get that average!

The day has grown into much more than just a fund-raiser with a theme of “Mental and Physical Health” and lots of service providers coming on-board on the day with information stands and advice. Check us out on Facebook and get on-board and come down to Dangan to help us set a record on the day.

We will shortly be doing up a schedule for the day to allocate time-slots to various clubs from all sporting disciplines and to schools. And we will also be ramping up our fund-raising via our club members as this is our big chance to raise a decent amount of funds towards the development of our track facilities in Craughwell. We have grand plans for the Autumn and next year for this development, with a jumping area for high jump and indoor circuits, a car-park, more floodlighting and state-of-the-art sprint lanes.

But we need all our members to get behind these efforts in a big way to help provide you with the best facilities possible.

More to follow on it all!

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