More great performances at day 2 of Galway T&F

More great performances at day 2 of Galway T&F

Craughwell U15 Girls 4x100m Relay Team – Galway Champions 2015
Finola Kelly, Mia Waters, Alison Leahy, Siona Lawless

A little late getting this report onto the website! Craughwell AC athletes had another exceptional day last Saturday at the final day of the Galway Juvenile Track & Field with the highlights again being in the long jump – on this occasion with the boys events yielding some incredible jumps with Aidan Conneely leaping 6.32m to take the gold medal in the U18/19 boys category, Matthew McKernan 2nd in the same event with 6.14m and Daniel Callanan-Forde taking the gold medal in the U17 event with a fine 5.71m.



Aidan had already eclipsed the club’s junior men’s record with a 6m leap at the schools championships a few days earlier. The previous record was 5.94m held by William Finnegan. Only for Aidan’s incredible 6.32m leap, Matthew would have taken the record with his impressive 6.14m leap and it won’t be long before Daniel Callanan-Forde breaks the 6m barrier also. Matthew had the satisfaction however of later jumping a PB to record 12.25m in the triple jump, breaking the club junior record by 1cm! Leanagh Gilligan was in fine jumping form also in the U14 girls with a 4.65m leap to take the Galway title, as was Sean Connaughton with a 5.01m leap when taking the U14 boys title.


Craughwell U16 Girls 4x100m Relay Team – Galway Champions 2015
Aoife Walsh, Laura Cunningham, Caoilin Milton, Lorraine Delaney

With athletes featuring on the winner’s podium over 80 times throughout the program, it was a marvelous day for the club which included the following:-

U18/18 Boys
100m 3 Matthew McKernan
Long Jump 1 Aidan Conneely
Long Jump 2 Matthew McKernan
High Jump 2 Adam Flynn
Triple Jump 1 Matthew McKernan

U18/19 Girls
1500m 2 Grainne McDaid

U16/17 Boys
100m 1 Cillian Dolan
200m 2 Louis Molloy
400m 2 Louis Molloy
800m 1 Oisin Lyons
1500m 1 Oisin Lyons
Long Jump 1 Daniel Callanan-Forde
Triple Jump 2 Daniel Callanan-Forde

U16/17 Girls
250m Hurdles 2 Lorraine Delaney
400m 3 Aoife Greene
High Jump 1 Lorraine Delaney
High Jump 2 Aisling Keady
High Jump 3 Ciana Reidy
Long Jump 1 Laura Cunningham
Long Jump 2 Caoilin Milton
Long Jump 3 Ciana Reidy
Triple Jump 1 Laura Cunningham
Shot Putt 1 Caoilin Milton
4x100m 1 Craughwell (Caoilin Milton, Lorraine Delaney, Aoife Walshe, Laura Cunningham).

U15 Boys
100m 1 Oisin Shannon
200m 1 Oisin Shannon
200m 2 Ultan Sheerin
1500m 2 Sean Noonan
Long Jump 2 Ultan Sheerin
Javelin 1 Sean Noonan
Discus 1 Sean Noonan


Ultan Sheerin & Oisin Shannon
2nd and 1st in the U15 200m

U15 Girls
100m 1 Siona Lawless
100m 2 Alison Leahy
200m 1 Siona Lawless
800m 2 Finola Kelly
1500m 2 Leah Connaughton
High Jump 1 Tara Slattery
Long Jump 1 Siona Lawless
Long Jump 3 Alison Leahy
Shot Putt 2 Sarah Callanan
Javelin 2 Finola Kelly
Javelin 3 Leigha O’Boyle
Discus 1 Sarah Callanan
Discus 2 Leigha O’Boyle
4x100m 1 Craughwell (Alison Leahy, Finola Kelly, Mia Waters, Siona Lawless).

U14 Boys
80m 2 Ryan Gallagher
200m 1 Sean Connaughton
200m 3 Ryan Gallagher
800m 1 Kyle Moorhead
800m 3 Finbar McFadden
1500m 1 Kyle Moorhead
1500m 2 Finbar McFadden
1500m 3 Shane McDermott
High Jump 1 Sean Connaughton
Long Jump 1 Sean Connaughton
Shot Putt 2 Eoin Lyons

U14 Girls
80m 2 Freya Bohan
75m Hurdles 3 Mia Waters
200m 3 Mia Waters
High Jump 1 Leanagh Gilligan
High Jump 2 Freya Bohan
Long Jump 2 Leanagh Gilligan
Shot Putt 2 Eva Kelly
Shot Putt 3 Freya Bohan
Javelin 1 Eva Kelly
4x100m 3 Craughwell (Eva Kelly, Freya Bohan, Leanagh Gilligan, Mia Waters)

U13 Boys
80m 1 Shaun Gilligan
80m 2 Gavin Lee
80m 3 Pascal Walsh
60m Hurdles 1 Shaun Gilligan
60m Hurdles 2 Jack Fitzgerald
60m Hurdles 3 Padraig Martyn
600m 1 Gavin Lee
600m 2 Liam Leen
600m 3 Shaun Gilligan
High Jump 1 Conor Trehy
Long Jump 1 Padraig Martyn
Long Jump 2 Gavin Lee
Long Jump 3 Jack Farrell
Shot Putt 2 Sean Cahill
Javelin 1 Conor Trehy
Javelin 2 Sean Cahill
Javelin 3 Sean Cotter
4x100m 1 Craughwell (Padraig Martyn, Gavin Lee, Jack Fitzgerald, Shaun Gilligan, Pascal Walsh)
4x100m 2 Craughwell (Jack Farrell, Conor Trehy, Gavin Kelly, Liam Leen)

U13 Girls
60m Hurdles 3 Ellie Cronin
High Jump 3 Ellie Cronin
Javelin 1 Lauren McNally
Javelin 3 Edel Farrelly

Full results of day 2 are here.

Top 3 in the U16/17 Girls Long Jump
Caoilin Milton, Laura Cunningham, Ciana Reidy


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