New Irish Record for Val Glavin

New Irish Record for Val Glavin

Valerie Glavin finshed second in an IAU indoor event in Finland over the weekend to set a new Irish Record for the 24h distance.  The winner set a new world record for the event.

The race is literally what it sounds like – you have 24 hours to run as far as possible.   This is a combination of two things I can't understand: staying awake for 24h, and running unthinkable distances.

Valerie Glavin broke the Irish Indoor record by running an awesome 217km in one day on an indoor track.  That is a simply awesome achievement that I just can't get my head around.

Let's put some figures on it: that's over 5 marathons.  It's longer than the distance from Eyre Square to the Spire in O'Connell Street.  Her average pace was 10 point something minutes per mile.  The picture below is from after the event and she looks like she looks fresh enough to start again.  Hat's off to you Val!

Val wasn't alone in the race – clubmate Ruth Ann Sheehan ran an awesome 188km, Mick Rice ran 165k and Ray O'Connor ran 122k.  Amazing achievements all and very well done.  More details on here:





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