New PB for Quill in Dundrum

New PB for Quill in Dundrum

Congratulations to Diarmuid Quill, Shane O'Halloran and David Porter who took part in the Dundrum 10k and junior 5k recently in Dundrum, Co. Tipperary.

The race report … 

The sweat rolled down my face in the intense heat, flowing like a river down onto my drenched singlet. Gasping for air and stomach churning, we reached the final bend and into the home straight.

The vibrations from the road ricocheted up my spine as we hit it hard. Last night’s bag of chips didn’t seem such a good idea any more.

I looked across to my right at Diarmuid, a wicked grin spread across his face like a man possessed as he drove for home. He didn’t notice my plight, the sickly yellow colour of my face or the beads of sweat falling to the ground – he was too focussed on setting a new PB just as it should be.

And finally, paradise loomed ahead – we pass the sign Welcome to Dundrum and race HQ.

As Diarmuid stopped the car, I gingerly stepped out of the passenger side and staggered over to the nearest wall, stretched and wretched. A new PB was all I could hear Diarmuid mutter, 59 minutes 58 seconds Craughwell to Dundrum.

Author's Footnote: Diarmuid is now taking seat bookings for next year's annual trip to Dundrum where he will attempt to shave another minute off that PB.

Author's 2nd Footnote: Above is a short account of the evening based on 2006 experience of this race. As my suspension spring is broken this year, I couldn't travel down 🙂

Author's 3rd Footnote: Keep me a seat in 2008 Diarmuid!

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