News from McNeese

News from McNeese

                                                         Long Run or Intervals ??                                                            So how far today Guys??


                                                               Still sporting club colours naturally


As you will have noticed our Scholarship Athlete news has been very thin on the ground for the past while.

Well the pictures as they say tell a thousand words.

Sadly Damian has been plagued for some time with an ongoing injury. No matter how much physio input both in the States, with our own physio here in Athenry, a great coach also and with another club member who is a sport injury therapist, lasting relief has alluded him. Well after M.R.I. was had, treatment was under review. Time for the head coach to step in and demand full treatment for one of his star athletes (well they must be stars why else have they scholarships?)and this is the outcome Plastered leg…………..

But this athlete always remembers his humble roots He is always proud to wear his club singlet and in this case continues to wear his club colours. Yes he also admits he had the poor guy putting the plaster on search for twenty minutes to find orange to have Irish flag on his leg. Alas it was not to be found. So yet again folks CRAUGHWELL A.C. has won……………………..Hopefully Damian will make a full recovery not have to look surgery in the eye and be back gaining P.B’s and having good news for us next season.

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