Parking Arrangements for Tomorrow

Parking Arrangements for Tomorrow

As Dangan is host to a number of big events tomorrow, can people use 1 of two car-parks which have been allocated to our event. We are not allowed park in any of the other car parks.

We would like to encourage people to use a) below if possible, particularly if staying for an hour or more. The carpark in b) will get quite congested.

a) Parking at the rear of the Dangan rubgy pitches (entry via Corrib Village, i.e. just before the business park). See the points A1 for entrance, A2 and A3 on the map below. There are 500 places in this car-park.


b) Gravel track around hockey pitch. Enter via point 1 and 1a below to get onto the gravel track. Exit at point 4.



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