Phase 2 Facility Work Almost Done!

Phase 2 Facility Work Almost Done!


We are nearing completion of phase 2 of our ambitious athletics facility plans with the final layer of tartan hopefully going on this week following by lane markings and then some final work on our carpark. As a politician might say, “a lot done and a lot more to do”.

Having kicked off our fundraising plans in January 2014 with €44,000 in the bank built up over the preceding 10 years primarily with the support of local businesses of our annual calendar, the club made massive progress during 2014 to raise an additional €210,000 in loans, donations and other fund-raising to fund the site purchase, a public roadway, entrance roadway and initial floodlighting to bring the 8-acre site into use.

Then in July 2015, we launched into the phase 2 of the development to provide a carpark, additional floodlights, a sprint runway, long jump pit and high jump area. Our target was to raise €250,000 for this work and we are nearly there – with €80,000 in additional loans, a grant of €100,000 and fundraising of over €38,000 in the space of little over a year.

By the end of this year, we will have outstanding loans of just over €200,000 but will have spent over €460,000 on the facility between site purchase and the 2 development phases. So that €460,000 spend was funded by €200,000 outstanding loans, a €100,000 sports capital grant, €44,000 of savings prior to 2014 and an incredible €116,000 of membership income and fundraising in the last 3 years! All thanks to our members, the community and local businesses and most importantly our hardworking coaches and committee.

And our membership is booming. We became the largest juvenile club in the country again at the end of September with more than 550 members. It’s wonderful to see the membership curve below – predominantly on the up and up and justifying the massive investment that the club is making.


However, we are still greatly in need of your support in order to complete phase 2 – something that we are very close to now. We need your support either by

  • Support our lotto
  • Sign up for our park membership
  • Make a straight donation to the club
  • Take up one of our advertising/sponsorship options

The facilities we are developing are for you our members and their parents and other members of the community who would like to use our running routes for exercise, be it walking jogging or racing.

And we are not for sitting still either. As soon as this phase is done and dusted, we hope to launch straight into the next phase which is the construction of a substantial indoor training building which will eventually house athletics facilities, a community gym and a multi-purpose indoor sports court. Additionally, we will be building a perimeter walkway for use for walking/jogging. It is hoped that much of the funding for this phase will come from grants and loans with 20% or so from fund-raising activities.


But we need your support. We have already received fantastic support from many families and we know many more are thinking about it. Well now is the time to put your thoughts into action! We need you and you need the facilities we are developing. These facilities are an investment in you and your family’s health – a place to exercise from 8am until late at night. A place for all the family to exercise. A safe floodlit environment and eventually a nice indoor arena to exercise on those dark and cold winter evenings.

So whether you are a long-standing member or a new recruit, please consider supporting us via one of the above options. The money is being ploughed directly and quickly into the facilities that you and your family are using – so you get to see the impact of your support almost immediately.

Thank you

Michael Tobin, Facility Development Officer
Tracy Moran, Fundraising Coordinator

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