Pres Athenry Masters of Athletics!

Pres Athenry Masters of Athletics!

In a new initiative from Athletics Ireland known as the Bank of Ireland Talent ID Programme Masterclass, the Pres Athenry first year team competed in the Mixed Schools category in the National Indoor Arena in Abbotstown where they won the team event ahead of other schools throughout Ireland. The event required the team members to compete in 60m sprint, long jump and a standing high jump with each of the 5 boys and 5 girls scoring points based on their performance and the combined points total determining the winning school.

It was a huge achievement for the school and our club are proud to have 4 of our members on the 10-person team Ava Finn, Paschal Walsh, Shaun Gilligan and Oisin Davis along with 1 former member of the club Erin Dolan. They also had health, nutrition and fitness talks from David Gillick, Kerry O’Flaherty, Molly Scott and Brian Gregan.

The team is pictured below along with David Gillick.


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