Provisional Order of Events for Secondary Schools Track & Field

Provisional Order of Events for Secondary Schools Track & Field

Best of luck to the many athletes from the club who are representing their schools in the Connacht Secondary Schools Track & Field this Thursday in Athlone IT. Each year, more and more members of the club are making it through to the Connacht and National finals in the schools competition.

The secondary schools track & field is regarded as the highest level of juvenile athletics in Ireland since it attracts athletes from all sports and not just those who are members of an athletic club. In recent years, several members of the club have distinguished themselves in the Connacht Championships with several holding Connacht records in their event, including:-

– Cathriona Farrell and Maria McNamara who share the high jump record in the Junior Girls grade with 1.55m, with Cathriona also holding the records in the intermediate and senior grades with 1.70m and 1.73m

– Ann Loughnane who hold the records for the intermediate 2k race walk and senior 3k race walk with times of 9.34.1 and 13.46.0.

– Claire Ryder, Jessica Heneghan and Maria McNamara who along with Alanna Lally helped the Pres Athenry to break the Connacht record in the 4x100m in the Junior Girls grade in a time of 52.3.

Its interesting that if you examine the records for the Connacht Schools T&F, they show that in recent years, the standard of the girls events has risen considerably with 30 records broken or equalled in the last decade.


The strongest performances in the boys events came back in 1972 and 1974 when 5 and 6 records were set or equalled, while in the girls events the strongest performances have come in 2004, 2008 and 2010 when 5 records were set or equalled each year. 2011 might be a watershed for the boys as there is some remarkable talent in Connacht in both boys and girls at present.

The provisional order of events on Thursday is as follows:



Track Events                                                                                         Field Events
01. 5000m Senior Boys(11.00am)                                                        69. Hammer Senior Boys(10.00am)
02. 1200m Walk Junior Girls(11.30am)                                              70. Hammer Inter Boys (10.00am)

03. 1200m Walk Junior Boys                                                               71. Hammer Junior Boys (10.00am)

04. 2000m Walk Inter Girls                                                                72. Hammer Senior Girls(10.00am)

05. 2000m Walk Inter Boys                                                                73. Hammer Inter Girls(10.00am)
06. 3000m Walk Senior Girls                                                              74. Hammer Junior Girls(10.00am)
07. 3000m Walk Senior Boys                                                              75. Javelin Senior Boys(12 noon)
08. 300m Hurdles Inter Girls                                                              76. Javelin Inter Boys
09. 400m Hurdles Senior Girls                                                            77. Javelin Junior Boys
10. 400m Hurdles Inter Boys                                                              78. Javelin Junior Girls
11. 400m Hurdles Senior Boys                                                             79. Javelin Inter Girls
12. 1500m Steeplechase Inter Boys                                   80. Javelin Senior Girls
13. 2000m Steeplechase Senior Boys                                                81. Discus Junior Girls(12 noon)
14. 200m Minor Girls                                                                            82. Discus Inter Girls
15. 200m Minor Boys                                                                            83. Discus Senior Girls
16. 200m Junior Girls                                                                           84. Discus Junior Boys
17. 200m Junior Boys                                                                           85. Discus Inter Boys
18. 200m Inter Girls                                                                             86. Discus Senior Boys
19. 200m Inter Boys                                                                             87. Shot Putt Minor Boys(12 noon)
20. 200m Senior Girls                                                                          88. Shot Putt Junior Boys
21. 200m Senior Boys                                                                           89. Shot Putt Inter Boys
22. 800m Minor Girls                                                                           90. Shot Putt Senior Boys
23. 800m Minor Boys                                                                           91. Shot Putt Senior Girls
24. 800m Junior Girls                                                                          92. Shot Putt Inter Girls
25. 800m Junior Boys                                                                          93. Shot Putt Junior Girls
26. 800m Inter Girls                                                                            94. Shot Putt Minor Girls
27. 800m Inter Boys                                                                            95. High Jump Inter Boys(12 noon)
28. 800m Senior Girls                                                                          96. High Jump Senior Boys
29. 800m Senior Boys                                                                          97. High Jump Junior Boys
30. 100m Minor Girls                                                                            98. High Jump Minor Boys
31. 100m Minor Boys                                                                             99. High Jump Inter Girls
32. 100m Junior Girls                                                                           100. High Jump Senior Girls
33. 100m Junior Boys                                                                           101. High Jump Junior Girls
34. 100m Inter Girls                                                                             102. High Jump Minor Girls
35. 100m Inter Boys                                                                             103. Long Jump Minor Girls(12 noon)
36. 100m Senior Girls                                                                           104. Long Jump Junior Girls
37. 100m Senior Boys                                                                           105. Long Jump Inter Girls
38. 3000m Inter Girls                                                                          106. Long Jump Senior Girls
39. 3000m Inter Boys                                                                          107. Long Jump Senior Boys(12 noon)
40. 3000m Senior Girls                                                                        108.Long Jump Inter Boys
41. 75m Hurdles Junior Girls                                                               109. Long Jump Junior Boys
42. 80m Hurdles Inter Girls                                                                110. Long Jump Minor Boys
43. 80m Hurdles Junior Boys                                                              111.Triple Jump Senior Boys
44. 100m Hurdles Senior Girls                                                            112.Triple Jump Inter Boys
45. 100m Hurdles Inter Boys                                                              113.Triple Jump Junior Boys
46. 110m Hurdles Senior Boys                                                             114.Triple Jump Senior Girls
47. 300m Inter Girls                                                                            115.Triple Jump Inter Girls
48. 400m Inter Boys                                                                            116.Triple Jump Junior Girls
49. 400m Senior Girls                                                                         
50. 400m Senior Boys
51. 1500m Minor Girls                                                                          52. 1500m Minor Boys
53. 1500m Junior Girls                                                                         54. 1500m Junior Boys
55. 1500m Inter Girls                                                                          56. 1500m Inter Boys
57. 1500m Senior Girls                                                                        58. 1500m Senior Boys
59. Girls Under 16 mile                                                                         60. Boys Under 16 mile

61. 4 x 100m Relay Minor Girls                                                            62. 4 x 100m Relay Minor Boys
63. 4 x 100m Relay Junior Girls                                                          64. 4 x 100m Relay Junior Girls
65. 4 x 100m Relay Inter Girls                                                            66. 4 x 100m Relay Inter Boys
67. 4 x 100m Relay Senior Girls                                                          68. 4 x 100m Relay Senior Boys


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