Provisional results of 3rd race of handicap series

Provisional results of 3rd race of handicap series

Provisional results of race 3 in the series are below. They are provisional until they are plugged into Mark's series spreadsheet which magically calculates the results and substracts 10 seconds from the times of those that slipped me a tenner before the race!

Top performance today came from Muiriosa Holahan, clearly benefitting from the summer holidays! Muiriosa knocked a full 2 minutes and 45 seconds off her handicap. There were big improvements also of over a minute from James Corbett and Brendan Davey to take 2nd and 3rd place on the day.

A 54 second improvement from Aine Rooney should be good enough to catapult her close to the top of the leaderboard, while a 60 second improvement from Mary O'Reilly should also move her well up the table. I'll have to wait for Mark's update on the overall scoring as its too complicated for me to figure it out tonight. A tight race saw Gabriel Gardiner put in a lung-bursting  finish to edge out Diarmuid Quill in the last few metres – not a very neighbourly gesture by the Ardrahan man.

Note in case of a court appeal from disgruntled opponents, I should point out that I adjusted the finishing position for Joe Callanan from 21st to 18th because due to my mistake on the start line, I let Joe start 12 seconds too late. Anyway, results are below. Hope everyone enjoyed the race. Final race of the series is in two weeks time.

Pay particular attention to Mark's update later over the weekend on the overall scores as anyone who runs 3 of the 4 races will be in with a chance of winning the highly coveted Craughwell Handicap Chase trophy. So get out your calculators and see where you have to finish in the final race to have a chance of such an esteemed honour!

BibNameHandicapStart (mins past 8)PlaceClock TimeReal Time
547Muiriosa Holohan00:25:0000:09:15100:31:3000:22:15
556James Corbett00:24:0000:10:15200:32:5000:22:35
544Brendan Davey00:25:3000:08:45300:33:0600:24:21
508Mary O'Reilly00:30:3000:03:45400:33:1500:29:30
562Al Callanan00:22:1500:12:00500:33:1500:21:15
542Betty Coleman00:26:0000:08:15600:33:1900:25:04
513Aine Rooney00:27:3000:06:45700:33:2100:26:36
557Kenneth Burke00:22:1500:12:00800:33:2300:21:23
528Valerie Slattery00:27:3000:06:45900:33:2700:26:42
648David Porter00:21:0000:13:151000:33:2700:20:12
593Orla Fox00:34:1500:00:001100:33:3900:33:39
594Karyn Kerins00:34:1500:00:001200:33:4000:33:40
515Noreena Murray00:29:1500:05:001300:33:5000:28:50
558Gabriel Gardiner00:20:3000:13:451400:33:5100:20:06
566Diarmuid Quill00:21:1500:13:001500:33:5100:20:51
582David Reilly00:18:3000:15:451600:33:5200:18:07
564Joseph Callanan00:22:0000:12:151700:33:5600:21:41
580Peter O'Sullivan00:18:3000:15:451800:34:0300:18:18
568Sharon Gilligan00:21:3000:12:451900:34:0400:21:19
503Fionnuala Fahy00:34:1500:00:002000:34:0700:34:07
548Lorraine Craven00:24:4500:09:302100:34:0700:24:37
571Philip Magnier00:23:0000:11:152200:34:0900:22:54
523Celia Miskella00:28:3000:05:452300:34:1000:28:25
514Mary Loughnane00:26:4500:07:302400:34:1100:26:41
570Maurice Headd00:22:1500:12:002500:34:1100:22:11
512Helen Van De Beek00:29:1500:05:002600:34:2000:29:20
555Noel Gormon00:23:1500:11:002700:34:2200:23:22
505Chris Murray00:33:3000:00:452800:34:2500:33:40
563William Cannon00:21:3000:12:452900:34:2600:21:41
549Reena Deely00:24:3000:09:453000:34:2600:24:41
502Maria McArdle00:32:3000:01:453100:34:2700:32:42
560Tony Fitzpatrick00:22:0000:12:153200:34:2900:22:14
504Sinead Daly00:33:4500:00:303300:34:4200:34:12
574James Lundon00:20:0000:14:153400:34:4300:20:28
550Suzanne Colleran00:23:4500:10:303500:34:4800:24:18
522Michael Collins00:27:1500:07:003600:35:4000:28:40
517Aisling Murray00:29:0000:05:153700:35:4100:30:26
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